Chat Highlights – More gains are coming


  • Several of our small and mid cap stocks gained this past week.
  • New York Community Bank feels very similar to what U.S. Bancorp was 30 years ago.
  • We gamed out some Paramount Global scenarios.

Each week we publish a summary of a few of the articles, topics and ideas found in the MoSI chat. We encourage you to visit chat to read about updates to our investments, share ideas, and ask questions. What follows are a few of the conversation threads from this past week and links to some videos and articles. Join us in the chat.

Ginkgo Bioworks (DNA) gained 11% this week.

Sandy Ferguson Apr 28

I own Ginkgo (DNA). Gonna just look away until something happens. I was thinking about selling and then it really crashed. Decided that the tech is still pretty fascinating and I’ll just have to wait to see if they can find a business model.

LesRob Apr 28

At Ferment 2024 they reported 40% increase in BioPharma Revenues and added “Lab Data as a Service” Foundry on Demand.

Kirk Spano Apr 28

I think Gingko Bioworks (DNA) has priced in dilution, and business continues to evolve with time, so it’s probably a nibble ahead of next small cap bull market which will happen someday.

Theresa May Apr 29

Nice price move on (DNA) today on decent volume.

Kirk Spano Apr 29

I guess someone heard me when I said last week it’s probably time to buy.

New York Community Bank (NYCB) rallied.

LesRob May 1

(NYCB) stock soars after introducing 2026 financial targets, even as Q1 earnings miss.

Kirk Spano May 1

folks, believe in (NYCB). It is going to recover to all-time highs and if they have a merger as I expect, probably double from there. This is very, very, very similar to U.S. Bancorp 30 years ago and they are led by a U.S. Bancorp guy now. Buy the dips, anything under $3.50 is super easy. I hope you already have a position and if you don’t figure it out soon.

Paramount (PARA) – Is this a good deal?

MoSI Forever Vince May 2

Is this good news or is the $26B offer more of the same foot-dragging?

Kirk Spano May 2

it’s good a bidding war is developing. I’d just as soon get shares in GOOG or AAPL.

niko.s May 2

are we looking to sell Paramount (PARA) when the offer closes? Or is it a longer term hold? I always thought this is a trade that closes after the buyout. I’m breaking even currently.

Kirk Spano May 3

It all depends on who buys it. If Sony and Apollo buy it, then maybe it’s a hold. If it merges with Skydance, I’m hitting the bricks. If Apple or Google buys it, I’d probably keep a few shares of Apple or Google.

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Enovix (ENVX) stock price responded favorably to its earning report.

Sandy Ferguson May 1

If you are a fellow (ENVX) holder, this is big. They have announced that they are sending samples to one of the big 4 phone makers for full scale production. 20% positive move already. This is a heavily shorted stock. A squeeze is very likely to send things up, up, up!

Raj has delivered on all of the production specs, so far. He was hired as the antidote to the previous issues and seems to have cured the delays. Very impressed with the execution.

More moves like Enovix are coming

Kirk Spano May 2

There’s a lot more big moves like (ENVX) coming to SMID cap stocks, but, it’ll be very select if the dollar doesn’t start to drift down. We are stock pickers, not indexers at the small cap end.

All: think through the following article and post your comments in the chat or ask questions:

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Hey all, [in the above article] I accidentally skipped Enovix (ENVX). It’s a big starter and I have puts sold that will apparently expire now. What folks miss on Enovix is that the battery architecture, not materials, is patented. That architecture is what prevents lithium battery fires. Other battery companies are very likely going to have to license it. It’s virtually impossible to duplicate the effect without licensing some of the tech.

What’s important [for them going forward] is that it makes little sense for (ENVX) to build plants when they can license out the tech to a very big battery industry and just sit back and collect money on the patents. If Enovix announces plans to build more than one or two more plants I’d be very unhappy.

My point is I do not want them to become more asset heavy. They need to operate as lean as possible because of long-term risk of competition. If they license the tech, they can make as much money almost without the capital outlay of expansion. Maybe one plant in America if there is tax credits. Otherwise, I do not want to see them burning money on capex.

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