Chat Highlights – Profiting Within a Changing Climate

  • Climate change is predicted to have a significant impact on various sectors, including clean energy, food production, housing, and insurance.
  • Heron Therapeutics announced positive first-quarter financial results, leading to a rise in stock prices.
  • Each week we publish a summary of a few of the articles, topics and ideas found in the MoSI chat. We encourage you to visit chat to read about updates to our investments, share ideas, and ask questions. What follows are a few of the conversation threads from this past week and links to some videos and articles. Join us in the chat.

    Weather Catastrophe and Investing

    nbabb May 4

    Related to Spire Global (SPIR) recent contract

    Worsening Weather Is Igniting a $25 Billion Market

    Kirk Spano May 5

    Re: above post on weather catastrophe contracts. Jeremy Grantham, among others, says that in the next couple decades, most capital deployed and profits made will have something to do with climate change. From clean energy to growing food to housing to insurance to everything that climate change immigration impacts. If you look at my investments, the majority have that in the background at least. My fiancée is building a real estate practice around climate resilient homes. Anyone who does not appreciate the monumental impact of things like aging demographics, climate change & 4IR tech (including especially AI, but also IoT, space, 5G, cloud) is looking over their shoulder while trying to drive forward.

    Update on Heron Therapeutics (HRTX)

    LesRob May 7

    Heron Therapeutics (HRTX) announced first quarter financial results.

    Heron Therapeutics Announces First Quarter 2024 Financial Results and Highlights Recent Corporate Updates – Heron Therapeutics

    Sandy Ferguson May 7

    Nice bump on Heron. I’ve been in the stock for quite a while, but really backed up the truck in the .60 -.70 range. One of the only times in my life when I caught a bottom just right. Can’t wait to see where it goes!

    Theresa May May 7

    I’m with you. I also added to my position near the lows and I like the potential for the company. Assuming they can continue to execute, I see a very clear pathway to $9/share and Kirk’s VSL assigned a 5-year price target of $16.

    Kirk Spano May 7

    basically breakeven and about to go profitable. I’m also about breakeven and about to go profitable.

    Links to replays of Kirk’s webinars this past week

    Major Markets May 2024
    Buying Aemetis Calls Into Earnings & Russell Inclusion

    Some of this past week’s articles posted to chat.

    AST SpaceMobile Delays First Satellite Launch – BusinessCom Networks

    Permian Resources Announces Strong First Quarter 2024 Results and Increases Full Year Guidance – Permian Resources

    Q1 2024 | Letter to Shareholders Palantir

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