Chat Highlights – Rate Cuts, Aemetis, Permian Resources, And Bitcoin


  • Fed rate cuts discussed, potential 1% cut in March.
  • Heron Therapeutics CEO buys $138k worth of stock, Ford may follow GM’s lead.
  • Discussion on sustainable aviation fuel and Aemetis’ refinery’s competitive advantage.
  • Buying Permian Resources (PR).
  • Comparison of ways to invest in Bitcoin.

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See the below discussion about rate cuts

KirkSpano Nov 28

Ackman said Fed could cut as early as 1st quarter. Dint I jest say in webby 1% cut in March. Don’t sell that (TLT) you own til it’s at least $112.

shutko mark Nov 28

He increased googl by 100%

LesRob Nov 28

Yes earlier today. and Are global central banks hiking or cutting rates? now cutting rates at the fastest pace since the 2020 pandemic

Everybody cutting rates

Some words about Heron Therapeutics (HRTX) and Ford (F)

Kirk Spano Nov 28

Heron Therapeutics (HRTX) CEO & Director, Craig Collard, recently paid US$0.92 per share to buy US$138k worth of the stock.

Ford (F) will likely follow $GM in raising dividend a little AND buying back a lot of shares.

A discussion about sustainable aviation fuel and Aemetis (AMTX)

LesRob Nov 29

SAF baby step – Airlines are banking on fuel made from waste to reduce their emissions by up to 70%, but the high cost and tight supply of materials needed to make SAF make large-scale production difficult. SAF accounts for less than 0.1% of total global jet fuel in use today and costs three to five times as much as regular jet fuel.

The flight, operated by a Virgin Boeing (BA.N) 787 powered by Rolls-Royce (RR.L) Trent 1000 engines, is the first time a commercial airliner has flown long haul on 100% SAF. It had no paying passengers or cargo.

Kirk Spano Nov 29

Wellll, cost 3x more to make depends on the feedstock & tech. It’ll be under double at Aemetis Riverbank refinery. That’s a huge competitive advantage.

LesRob Nov 29

Aemetis Refinery will be a NEW facility from scratch using new Technology and it’s ethanol. and feedstock is a huge edge. The one’s I researched SAF refineries they had cost overruns and delays in retooling old infrastructures to a new product demand. Plus they will have the only Class IV CCS well. I think spudding the well and getting the final permit OKed should bring the capital from airlines to build a very unique Net Zero SAF production.

Kirk Spano Nov 29

I think you’re right.

Buying Permian Resources (PR)

Kirk Spano Dec 1

I bought more Permian Resources (PR) today. See article.

LesRob Dec 1

Yesterday, I read your article and added to (PR) also. (OXY) appears to have overpaid considering the PR +ESTE acreage. PR post was more a comparison of assets, which we both see PR as an outstanding Permian asset to own 300K acreage which is 5X the CrownRock position. There’s a big upside to PR in the future.

Kirk Spano Dec 1

yeah, I think Conoco and EOG are the likely suitors for Permian Resources (PR) and now we know about what the multiple will be. So, (PR) can run into the $20s now and then get bought in the $30s. This one is pretty easy as far as hard things go.

All in one chart: Bitcoin, Bitcoin ETFs, Microstrategy, and Square.

Kirk Spano Dec 1

Here’s my thoughts on Bitcoing, Bitcoin ETFs, Microstrategy and Square

Articles and links posted in the chat

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Renewable energy boom in Chile takes a toll on electrical grid

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