Chat Highlights – Solar Energy, Storage, And Heron Therapeutics


  • Is it time to buy Enphase and Generac Holdings?
  • How about the Invesco Solar ETF (TAN)?
  • We got some good news from Heron Therapeutics this past week.

Some talk about buying solar energy stocks

Hsaraf1987 Nov 14

Do you think both Enphase (ENPH) and Generac Holdings (GNRC) have bottomed and right now is a good opportunity to buy?

Theresa May Nov 14

Did you get a chance to read Kirk’s “Punch Card Stocks Q4” article? Here’s what it had to say about GNRC: “Buy under $100. A future S&P 500 company.” And, while ENPH is on the VSL, it’s not on the punch card stock list. Kirk has mentioned in the chat that he likes the idea of buying TAN instead since it has ENPH as a holding. Buying TAN gives broad exposure to the solar market.

Hsaraf1987 Nov 14

I have seen that article and bought 1% position in GNRC. I was hoping it will fall more so that I can add to 1%. But its now above 100, so just wondering shall I still buy or wait for the price to come down

Theresa May Nov 14

Ah, gotcha. Makes sense. That’s wonderful news that you took the plunge and bought it when you did. Nice job. Let’s watch the charts to determine our next buy. I bought a 2% position in the $90s. Assuming the long term trend is to the upside, we will get additional buy opportunities to add to these positions. The way I look at the charts, GNRC price just broke a weekly chart downtrend. I’m waiting now for price movement to tell me what to do next.

Depending on your cost basis and your conviction that price is trending upward, it’s a totally legitimate strategy to buy a breakout in price. This could apply to you especially since you bought a 1% position. 

What about the Invesco Solar ETF (TAN)?

User 57408746 Nov 14

any thoughts on buying TAN at these levels? I think Kirk mentioned watching for a $36 price point yesterday but after the CPI print I’m wondering if we have already seen the bottom?

Theresa May Nov 14

TAN is more difficult. I see that it broke the downtrend on the daily chart, which can be a precursor to a long term trend change. But Shooters EW charts still show more downsize risk. I still some see caution signs. But a close above $51.20 would be a nice thing. FWIW, I added to my TAN when it broke that daily down trend today.

I still think a close above $51.20 would be a nice indication of a trend change.

Heron Therapeutics (HRTX) delivered some good news this week

Theresa May Nov 14

[The price for HRTX popped up after reporting earnings.]

Kirk Spano Nov 15

HRTX said what I said might be said when they changed management and worked towards their own year of efficiency.

President Biden’s actions w China re fentanyl bodes well for more direction away from narc prescriptions.

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