Chat Highlights – Spire Global, Aemetis, And Pfizer

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  • Spire Global (SPIR) stock price has more than doubled since October, prompting questions about whether to sell or buy more.
  • Those who bought AMTX January calls should make a scaling out plan.
  • Pfizer may have broken its downtrend.

The price of one of our stocks, Spire Global (SPIR) has more than doubled since its October low. Should we sell?

Kirk Spano Dec 26

there’s a temptation to sell when you get a rally on something you were down on. Resist in most cases. Think 3 moves ahead. Have a plan. Spire Global (SPIR) is an example. This has been a heckuva a journey the past couple years and now that some of us are in the black, we wonder, where do I sell? I think the better question is where to buy more if you need it. Shooter is projecting a price over $20 by around New Year 2025. I agree or think an extension even higher into $30s or $40s or $50s. If euphoria plays out, there’s some very big extensions available on small caps. Patience over emotions.

Val377 Dec 27

Does anyone know what’s driving the increase – more institutional ownership?

Kirk Spano Dec 28

Institutions yes, but mostly due to money rotation at all levels. The big surge comes when rates fall and people get out of money markets, that will happen over several quarters when it starts. During that time frame, say next 6 quarters, more people also “discover” small stocks that execute on their biz.

Some of us bought AMTX January calls. It’s time to make a scaling out plan.

Kirk Spano Dec 26

if you did not trim your Jan $7.50 call holdings when I did, then you are looking for a way to salvage as much money as you can. Your cost basis is likely between 30¢ and a $1. A price of $8.50 on the stock makes everyone their money back and in many cases is profitable. I don’t know exactly how high AMTX goes on a squeeze, which seems to be developing as there have been margin calls last Monday and today (due to Christmas, usually margin calls are in Monday). I think there is a good chance AMTX is around $7 next week. You will need to pay attention daily from here out and decide what you are going to do at certain prices. My plan is to sell 1/3 of my remaining calls when AMTX makes a run at $9. Then another 1/3 if it makes a run at $10 and if it’s above $10, I’ll hold the rest until the week of expiration. There is a chance that I take delivery of the last batch, meaning I do not sell the calls, but that I buy more shares at $7.50 if the price is $10+. Why would I take delivery? Because I want more ownership is all. I would probably sell some covered calls on about half what I bought. Short story: keep an eye on price, have a scaling out plan.

Aemetis (AMTX) weekly chart created with PFA supply/demand software.

Pfizer, one of our dividend stocks, may have broken its downtrend.

Theresa May Dec 28

It looks like Pfizer might have broken its downtrend. It remains to be seen if price breaks to the upside with conviction. But it looks promising. I added a piece today.

Hsaraf1987 Dec 28

Usually what % of your portfolio it is when you add a position?

Theresa May Dec 28

In this case, my PFE position represents a little over 1% position. I’m looking to build it. I do have cash secured puts sold on PFE as well.

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