Chat Highlights – SunPower, Quantum Computing, And Telehealth

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SunPower (SPWR) disclosed going concern doubts this past week.

dclark41 Dec 18

Not sure what to think when a company says this!

Theresa May Dec 18

I think that a going concern disclosure is serious enough that I would not add to a position now.

LesRob Dec 18

I’m not the smarter minds, however after reading “Substantial doubt exists about our ability to continue as a going concern and if we are unable to continue our business, our common stock might have little or no value,” the company said. If the company warns of no value, I just sold for a small loss going to use those funds on a company like AMTX, ENVX where they are trying to create shareholder value.

Kirk Spano Dec 18

Who is SunPower’s daddy?

Will daddy Total let kid SunPower die or write a check for the healthcare? Shorts have priced in more dilution than what company owes – by a lot. What happens when Total ups equity ownership, takes on the Credit Suisse miss debt and company uses AI to chop some heads? Not a no risk proposition, but things that make sense generally happen. Total has a huge long-term commitment here and is not short on cash. If you sold and can handle distressed equity investing, selling puts here due to yuuuge premiums is the play here. More at noon.

Shepferg2 Dec 19

I hold a decent position. I’m gonna ride this one out. Kirk’s comments make a lot of sense to me. If Total is in, they are are in for the long haul. For the last decade, it has made a lot of sense of for an energy major to own a solar company (and other renewable energy assets) – especially in the EU. I liked it when Shell was moving in that direction, but the market killed them for it…too many backward looking hands held their stock for dividends and didn’t want any disruption at all. It is a little weird that a French company is going to own a major American Solar asset, but not that weird. I made some recent buys at near bottom and I’m only down a tick on those batches. Overall, I’m down about 35% on SPWR and expect to see time heal that wound. In the meantime, I’m gonna ride Run and Tan and see how we do. Solar has always been a choppy, sloppy area for investment, but is also the most important renewable energy source we are going to have in the short term.

Some chatter about quantum computing

Shepferg2 Dec 21

Hey all – My eye has been caught by RIGETTI COMPUTING INC (RGTI). Anyone have background on this one? Looks like a win/lose stock – no in between. Any thoughts?

Solymn Dec 21

I can provide a little background. I found RGTI and IONQ around the same time. Bought tiny positions in each while in SPAC just to have them in my portfolio to watch. Each company represents two different types of quantum computing. IonQ uses a trapped ion approach and Rigetti’s a superconducting approach. If you want exposure you might want to consider both since we don’t know who will win the battle. I bought more of both as they went down and bottomed. I still hold RGTI and have sold off my IONQ as the AI hype increased. I plan to get back and build .25% to .5% positions for the long haul. Below is a view of the two approaches.

Kirk Spano Dec 21

IBM are leaders in quantum computing. Both displayed it up at CES 2020 & 2023. Deep pockets required for most of it. Question is which companies have parts worth gobbling up. It would be great to find a microcap with staying power to 20x 30x or more, but that’ll be tough. I’ll look at it.

Some thoughts on Teladoc Health (TDOC)

Hamiltonian Dec 22

re TDOC. I just reread the PR from last summer about their “partnership” w MSFT. The latter purchased Nuance, a leading voice recognition co, a few years ago. That has been perfected (Watch the move “HER” on NFLX, to comprehend how voice rec combined with AI is the future). In a telehealth visit, using that tech, combined with medical -specific language, 1. The doctor doesn’t have to take notes, 2. The spoken content can be funneled into appropriate clinical patient records. This stuff is critical in where the HC system is changing; more telehealth, less Doc burnout, better clinical record keeping. TDOC is integrating their patient and health system touch, with MSFT’s Nuance voice rec, Azure (MSFT’s cloud) and AI and the biggest health records backbone company – EPIC. Just as ERP systems proliferated in corp America in the nineties, Electronic Health Records system, of which EPIC (Like SAP then in ERP sys) is the 500lb gorilla. So, this is a triumvirate – TDOC/MSFT/EPIC that people will be learning more about in coming years. That’s my story, and I am sticking to it!

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