Chat Highlights – Understand where the value is with Ether ETFs


  • Pfizer is using CRISPR to advance mRNA applications, making it a promising investment for dividend stocks.
  • Ether ETFs have been approved, but it is uncertain if they can stake and generate a dividend.

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Pflizer, Inc is using CRISPR

Kirk Spano May 23

Pflizer, Inc. (PFE) is using CRISPR to advance mRNA applications. Yeah, I know, acronyms. Short answer: buy PFE if you like dividend stocks that could triple in value the next decade. They are opening up a gap that once it starts turning the crank it’ll be a decade before others catch up. Their platform, which I talked about during Covid is a big, big, big deal, and now time is getting it closer to the hockey stick. Buy the stock cheap now, collect the dividend while you wait for a major rally.

Ether ETFs are coming

mosi_miso May 23

Ethereum ETFs approved!

Kirk Spano May 23

sort of.

we need to know if those ETFs can stake and generate a dividend. If they can, oh boy oh boy.

I can’t figure out how Ether isn’t a security. It’s very different than Bitcoin. If it is a security, that’s fine with me, but the cowboys don’t like paying lawyers or having compliance departments. We’ll see. It’ll be interesting. I don’t see a lot of point buying a Ethereum ETF if it can’t stake. Folks with cash for crypto should buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin ETFs and 32 ETH so they can get an income from it.

mosi_miso May 23

These initial wave of Ethereum ETFs are non-staking

The Ethereum network does have security-like and commodity-like characteristics, which is probably why the answer still isn’t clear till this day despite being discussed for years! I primarily use Ethereum for its more commodity-like purposes, i.e., a highly decentralized network for sponsoring open-source art and creating community protocols.

As for why buy Ethereum ETF – for regular people or institutions who want “a piece of the price action” but don’t want or cannot deal with self-custody wallets? Similar target market as Bitcoin ETFs? Bitcoin and Ethereum play different roles in the crypto world so there are legit reasons to have exposure to both.

Kirk Spano May 23

Without staking I’m not interested in Ethereum. I own 32 ETH SPECIFICALLY so I can stake. I don’t see its value without.

mosi_miso May 23

That’s fair, it’s your angle. But other people who don’t care about yield and “just want to buy some of that Ethereum thing in my stock account” that’s an option for them soon

Kirk Spano May 24

I’m not sure it’s a good option though. Explain why ETH tokens have value without ability to gain from what they actually do? That’s like saying here’s millions of dollars but you can’t buy anything with it.

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