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  • Waiting as the overbought and overvalued markets bring us opportunity.
  • Observing that someone bought a significant amount of shares in QuickLogic Corporation.
  • Learning about Innovative Industrial Properties.

Each week we publish a summary of a few of the articles, topics and ideas found in the MoSI chat. We encourage you to visit chat to read about updates to our investments, share ideas, and ask questions. What follows are a few of the conversation threads from this past week and links to some videos and articles. Join us in the chat.

Overbought and Overvalued Markets Rolling Over

Kirk Spano Apr 22

the market got overvalued and then overbought on overbought on broadening breadth to over 80%. So, trader and tv and blogger and whoever else wants to play pundit changed the narrative that the Fed isn’t going to cut rates this year so better be scared. Traders being traders. Their narratives are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong 4 out of 5 times. They were wrong on 6 cuts. They are wrong on zero cuts. They could not forecast with a fox, they could not forecast in a box. They cannot forecast here or there, they cannot forecast anywhere.

When a trader talks about more than their technical indicators, they are saying I don’t know so I am going to make something up. That’s a good time to not trade much. What does almost every chart look like right now? Rolling over. So, let it roll. Go pick up some dirt and seeds and plant something, it’s spring. Set your alerts and make your moves when the market is done being bipolar. Well, it is never not bipolar. But, it passes through equilibrium from extreme to extreme. So, nothing to do in the middle imo.

“Our performance doesn’t come from what we buy or sell. It comes from what we hold. So the main activity is holding, not buying and selling.” – Howard Marks.

Someone bought a lot of one of our Punch Card Growth Stocks

Kirk Spano Apr 25

Someone bought a lot of shares of QuickLogic Corporation (QUIK) today. They make eFPGAs for AI semiconductors.

A Report on Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR)

LesRob Apr 20

ISS-EVA for Innovative Industrial Properties


Kirk Spano Apr 21

I really like ISS-EVA

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