Global Trends ETF

Global Trends ETF uses tactical asset allocation to find opportunities and manage risk using low cost ETFs. This ETF strategy can be used as a whole portfolio or as the core to build a stock portfolio around.

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What You Get With Global Trends ETF

Global Trends ETF builds on the power of low cost investing with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). By building an asset allocation with both strategic and tactical considerations, we can beat the markets with regularity and manage our risk.

Strategic asset allocation can be thought of as the core to your portfolio. The strategic portion of your portfolio rarely gets traded and is built upon large cap secular leaders. [Get to know the Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ).]

Tactical asset allocation is the portion of your portfolio that you will trade periodically. For us, we expect to trade the tactical portion of our portfolio from 2 to 4 times per investment cycle. Cycles can be as short as six months to two years (most bear markets) and others as long as ten years (current bull market).

Asset allocation is proven to be the driving factor for portfolio volatility. Systematically putting the odds on your side can go a long way to reducing risk and improving long-term results.

Use our advice here to manage your 401(k) at work as well.

Research proves that avoiding the worst sectors and regions of the global economy can improve returns by up to 80%. We begin by reducing or eliminating asset allocations to industries we feel are at the most risk of being disrupted.

The emergence of smart technology and a move towards sustainability is extremely disruptive. There are both risks and opportunities. Billionaire super-investor Stanley Druckenmiller summarized his investment thesis moving forward at this:

“Buy the disruptors, sell the disrupted.”

Stanley Druckenmiller

We like his approach. He’s made billions, so we could find worse investors to borrow from. Sustainable Growth Investing looks for industries and nations that can give us the potential to quadruple our money over a decade.

Global Trends ETF And You

With Global Trends ETF you can take control of your investing rather than “let it ride” with the ups and downs of the economy. I understand that the stock market and economy have done well for a decade, but many factors are lining up to make the 2020s significantly different than the last decade.

A smart approach to asset allocation can help you navigate anything the markets throw at us. What I can tell you after 25 years in the markets is that the only constant is in fact change.

Join Global Trends ETF Today

Global Trends ETF is priced at $199 per year which is a bargain as it can be used for your entire portfolio if you wish. Many choose to begin building a stock portfolio around this as their balances grow.