Dividend Collector

Dividend Collector is designed for retirees and near retirees. If you are looking to manage risk, beat inflation and generate income via total return, then Dividend Collector is for you.


This retirement investing service is designed to give equity-like total returns, but with the risk of a balanced portfolio.

We manage risk by:

  • using asset allocation to reduce exposure to the most vulnerable sectors of the economy. This underlying idea is often overlooked, ignored or misunderstood by many advisors, pundits and investment letters. Research shows that doing your best to avoid at-risk industries can significantly reduce risk (and improve performance).
  • using technical analysis and quantitative data to avoid trying to catch falling knives. That is, we respect price movements driven by investor mass psychology and do our best to buy low and sell high.

We seek equity-like returns by:

  • tilting our asset allocation towards financially healthy and growing sectors of the economy.
  • selecting companies we believe have durable competitive advantages similar to how Warren Buffett describes the idea.
  • buying stocks that have a history of paying dividends, engaging in share buybacks and properly managing debt. These three components taken together are called “shareholder yield.”

What You Get With Your Retirement Income Investor Membership

Dividend Collector includes free access to:

  • Global Trends ETF which is the basis for our asset allocation ideas.
  • Sustainable Growth Investing for the long-term growth or inheritance portion of your portfolio.

Dividend Collector focuses on retirement investing with dividend paying stocks. We have 4 “very short lists” (watchlists) of stocks that contain our best ideas in each category:

  • Dividend Growth – these are stocks that offer both dividends and underlying growth.
  • Low Volatility Dividend – these are stocks of mature companies with solid balance sheets and free cash flow to pay ongoing dividends.
  • Alternative High Income – these are stocks of companies that pay high dividends, but carry some economic risk. For example, many REITs pay high dividends, but in a recession are vulnerable. We provide exit strategies for when the going gets rough.
  • International – some of the very best dividend companies are internationally based. We monitor global trends, industry fundamentals and corporate strength to find an even more diversified approach.

You will get “buy zones” on every stock and trade alerts when we buy.

Dividend Collector Special Benefit

You are also entitled to 50% discounts for investment and financial planning consultations with Kirk Spano via Bluemound Asset Management, LLC. Kirk provides as needed consulting for those who like to keep their hands on the controls.

Bluemound’s client favorite 15 month package includes:

  • Retirement portfolio risk review.
  • Strategic Investment Plan.
  • Initial recommendations and ideas.
  • First quarter implementation call.
  • Quarterly reviews.
  • 2 additional hours of consultation as needed.

Contact Kirk at the Bluemound Asset Management website for more details.

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Dividend Collector is priced at only $399 per year, but you can try it for 90 days for only $39.