Sustainable Growth Investing

Sustainable Growth Investing in a changing world.  Profit at the intersection of the “smart everything world” and the unstoppable move towards sustainability.

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The emergence of smart technology and a move towards sustainability are extremely disruptive. There are both risks and opportunities. Billionaire super-investor Stanley Druckenmiller summarized his investment thesis moving forward to the Economics Club of New York in this short quip:

“Buy the disruptors, sell the disrupted.”

We like his approach. He’s made billions, so we could find worse investors to borrow from. Sustainable Growth Investing looks for companies that can give us the potential to quadruple our money over a decade.

We use our 4-step process pioneered by top institutional investors. We analyze:

  • Long-term economic and social secular trends.
  • Government and central bank policy.
  • Fundamental value analysis of sectors and companies.
  • Price trend analysis which yields clues to future price movements.

We emphasize the world of innovation.

It is not only tech companies that will do well, but companies that use tech better than competitors will do exceptionally well. That might in fact be where the biggest profits are earned.

Which companies will benefit the most from AI and machine learning, or 5G, or alternative energy? You might be surprised. We have some unique ideas that are already gaining traction.

Think about how the internet changed business models. Retailers getting “Amazoned” or brokerages completely wiping out trading commissions. There are certainly losers from disruption as well. We want to avoid those negatively impacted industries and companies.

What You Get With Sustainable Growth Investing

This service is for forward looking investors with a long-term time horizon. 

Sustainable Growth Investing includes free access: 

Sustainable Growth Investing focuses on developments in technology, fintech, biotech and clean energy, as well as, value oriented ideas across the economy, such as, gold. There are several “very short lists” (watchlists) of our best ideas covering:

  • Large Cap – dominant companies in essential industries.
  • Mid Cap – growing companies likely to get the added boost of being included in the S&P 500 soon.
  • Small Cap – growth companies past the failure stage with long ramps.
  • International – global leaders.
  • Bitcoin – covering the largest cryptocurrency.

You will get “buy zones” on every stock and trade alerts when we buy.

Sustainable Growth Investing Special Benefit

You are also entitled to 50% discounts for investment and financial planning consultations with Kirk Spano via Bluemound Asset Management, LLC. Kirk provides as needed consulting for those who like to keep their hands on the controls.

Bluemound’s client favorite 15 month package includes:

  • Retirement portfolio risk review.
  • Strategic Investment Plan.
  • Initial recommendations and ideas.
  • First quarter implementation call.
  • Quarterly reviews.
  • 2 additional hours of consultation as needed.

Contact Kirk at the Bluemound Asset Management website for more details.

Join Sustainable Growth Investing Today

Sustainable Growth Investing is priced at only $299 per year.

Follow me on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook to get your first year discount code. My team and I will earn your regular renewal with the profits you make with us.