R.A.R.E. – Risk Adjusted Returns Elite (AOTA Service)

“Risk Adjusted Returns Elite” – R.A.R.E – includes everything on Fundamental Trends, plus a robust Swing Trading service that includes hedging and short ideas. If you want to maximize your profit potential, R.A.R.E. is for you.  

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What You Get With R.A.R.E

First off, you will receive everything that the other services on Fundamental Trends offers.

Asset Allocation and Asymmetric Upside

Our approach is a core and satellite approach. Using our approach will enable you to build an effective asset allocation strategy and select specific holdings to add asymmetric upside for your portfolio.

The first step to this straight forward approach is for you to build an asset allocation using ETFs to participate in the best parts of the economy and diversify. Then, you will then make stock selections to add asymmetric upside to your portfolio.

Your split between ETFs and stocks will depend on your risk tolerance and financial circumstances.

Swing Trading, Shorting and Hedges

R.A.R.E. is our ongoing swing trading approach. We look for a several opportunities each month to try to take small pieces of money and try turn at least one into a big piece of money.

Every Monday, I write a “Swing For The Fences” article with at least two actionable trades for the week. This is our core piece to work from for the week.

Traders ideas are also very welcome. I encourage you to describe your trade ideas in the “R.A.R.E. Swing Trading” forum threads.

At the core of any good swing trading is risk management. Understanding what drives a stock or ETF is the beginning of a good trade. This is why we do fundamental research, to narrow our universe.

Next, we use quantitative data and technical analysis to make entries that we believe are in our favor for at least doubling our money. All of these are time sensitive trades using options.

Make sure to read our base piece on technical analysis before swing trading:

Technical Trading Basics: Using Overbought And Oversold Signals To Buy And Sell

We risk manage each trade to avoid taking total losses. Option trades by nature are going to fail to win about half the time, so, if a trade is not going our way, we exit and live to trade another day.

The trick to swing trading is not winning percentage. It is that our losses are small, many of our trades about break even or make small gains and a handful of trades double or triple or more.

Superstar traders rarely have winning percentages much above 60% of their trades. And, they do not take big positions. They follow the approach we are sharing here.

Risk Adjusted Returns Elite And You

You will use smart position sizing and scaling strategies to build long and short call or put positions for our specific goals. By scaling in, you can scale out to capture profits.

Read this piece before joining R.A.R.E.

Don’t You Dare Trade Options Until You Read This!

You will always remember to “trade the edges” not the middle of the market. Chaikin Money Flow RSI and other indicators are core to our approach. Learn about Chaikin Money Flow and RSI.

With the R.A.R.E. chat room you can talk to other traders and Kirk on a regular basis. This sort of collaboration will help you examine your ideas in a friendly, but critical way, to help you maintain a margin of safety.

R.A.R.E. is a unique opportunity to combine all the fundamental analysis of Fundamental Trends with technical analysis and quant data for traders.

Join R.A.R.E. Today

R.A.R.E. is priced at only $599 per year which is about 40-60% less than comparable services.

Follow me on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook to get your first year discount code. My team and I will earn your regular renewal with the profits you make with us.

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Discounted Financial Consulting For Members

I offer investment consulting and “jump start” services via Bluemound Asset Management, LLC. If you would like personal investment coaching or need to create an investment plan, contact me and I will be glad to help. All services offered by Bluemound Asset Management website are half price for investment letter subscribers.