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Good investing starts with good financial planning. So, as a way to facilitate good financial planning and investing, I am offering for free, the financial planning software I use at my firm.

For members of my investment letters, if you would like access to one of the top financial planning software for free, please click this link to my Right Capital platform.

You will get access to basic features. A few times per month, I grant full access to all new sign-ups. Please be patient, I do that in a batch on most weekends.

I offer investment consulting/coaching, financial planning and retirement planning through my investment firm to subscribes for half price:

Bluemound Asset Management, LLC.

If you decide you would like consulting just email me and we’ll discuss it.

Advice in this service (MoSI) is not personalized, therefore, it cannot be construed as individual advice. Rather, the ideas here are for your consideration as a Do-It-Yourself investor, absent of any personalized investment advice. For personalized advice you must retain an advisor, whether me, or your own financial advisor.

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