Wait for it!

The markets continued their sell-off today with the Dow cracking 17,000. Be patient on buying though, we are not even at a full 10% correction yet. Most of you should still be at around 25% or more in cash. Very soon that dry powder will come in handy.

We are seeing new lows start to spike again. When those rise a bit more vs new highs and there is a very large surge of money out in a short time frame, a day or two or three, that’s when we will be able to put the bucket out on things that aren’t natural gas related.

Speaking of natural gas stocks, those held up pretty well the last couple days. I know we have buyer’s remorse for starting those positions a little early, but in the intermediate term it won’t matter, the gas and oil industry is already self-correcting. It won’t take long before the natural gas surplus shrinks back to normal, maybe by late this winter.

Keep an eye on my “very short list.” Those companies are the ones to target. They are companies that I think will hugely take part in the transformation of the world and the coming boom in the American economy. That’s right, I said “boom in the American economy.” I have that article half written for MarketWatch, it’ll be out next week.

Until then, keep your hand steady and be patient.

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