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Pay-To-Earn (P2E) and Pay-To-Move (PTM) Genres?

Perhaps one of the most interesting changes in the video game market is the entry of some type of Pay-To-Earn format, followed by the continuing expansion of the demographics of gamers. These niche genres have created defined user groups based on their preferred interests. This is now known as “gaming genres” that support a user’s gaming interests. These genres include Move To Earn, Metaverse, Role Playing Games, Strategy, Auto Battler, Tower Defense, Turn-based Strategy, Card Game, Idle Game, Simulation, Breeding, and Sports and I’m sure some more to come.

P2E is a relatively new genre that allows players to earn a passive income while playing their favorite games. THNDR caught our attention this week because it takes an existing game of Solitaire and monetizes it.

This is similar to what I spoke about in late 2021 about the RBLX and Battle Royal, an online multiplayer video game genre. It takes elements of scavenging and exploration from other game genres and merges them with the Last Man Standing concept.

The opportunity to migrate to a P2E format and capture a large chunk of the market just because of the sheer number of current players who play Battle Royale. A migration to some P2E format just seems rational now, considering the competitiveness of the live streamer’s income now.

RBLX has yet to enter a true P2E format, but I understand they are testing a number of formats in the coming quarters. I suspect we will see something in 2023. Yet, THNDR jumps into an even deeper market, such as my parents, who are in their late 80’s and both play Solitaire. You can’t help but expect some level of success from such a large fan base.

Also included is a listing of the top ranked Move-To-Earn leaders, a Metaverse leader board, and a Role Playing Games leader board based on market cap to give you a feel for the growing popularity. As soon as Crypto (Bitcoin) bottoms, we will be adding a number of players in this space. In the meantime, exercise good risk management practices if you really like any of these names.

Play-two-Earn (P2E)

THNDR Games Launches Play-to-Earn Bitcoin Solitaire Mobile Game

THNDR Games has released a play-to-earn (P2E) mobile version of Solitaire called Club Bitcoin: Solitaire. The game will allow players to earn bitcoin (BTC) while playing one of the most popular and most recognizable card games of all time.

THNDR’s stated mission is to “bring Bitcoin to the world through mobile games.” This particular game will target women and emerging markets. 63% of all women play mobile games, and roughly 60% of THNDR’s users hail from emerging markets, making Club Bitcoin: Solitaire an ideal product for the company’s target audience.

Move-To-Earn Leader Board

Metaverse Leader Board

RPG Games Leader Board

Role-playing games, also known as RPG continues to grow in popularity. Check out MOBOX, Illuvium, DeFi Kingdoms …

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