Adding more Exact Sciences with GTC limit

It is clear to me in reading USPSTF documents on understanding their ratings that Exact Science’s Cologuard has attained an “A” rating for colon cancer screening. The details are still to be hashed out about what are “certain clinical situations.” As we know, the test is designed for the average risk population which is very large.

The asymmetric upside in Exact was and still is that by the end of the decade, as the test gains acceptance and further statistical studies are completed, that Cologuard starts taking the place of colonoscopy for average risk adults. I think that is very likely for those turning 65 who have had a colonoscopy at a younger age who don’t want to do another if they can avoid it, as well as, those who haven’t been screened. Remember, there is already a hybrid recommendation out there for combining FIT with Sigmoidoscopy. That tells me that a combination of Cologuard with colonoscopy as the back-up will be an outright recommendation in order to improve compliance rates, especially since the ACA goal for testing is almost certain to be missed.

Use some of your dry powder to keep averaging down on Exact Sciences.

Buy EXAS at a limit GTC of $6.30 which is about the bottom of a long-term risk range.

It’ll probably hit this week.

More aggressive investors should visit the forum where we are talking about LEAPs.

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