Setting Limit Buy Order for Central Fund of Canada – CEF

The Central Fund of Canada is an Alberta based Canadian company that passively holds gold and silver bullion which are both priced worldwide in U.S. dollars.

Currently it is invested about 2/3 in gold and 1/3 in silver. All reserves are stored in a secure and audited location. 

Please read the piece “Interpretive Dance with Janet Yellen” which I will have up later this afternoon for my full thoughts.

In short, while we do have one or two more deflationary events coming, I am even more confident than ever that massive monetary response will be the answer. Yellen today completely killed the idea of an April rate hike (which doesn’t mean it won’t happen, just that nobody would be prepared, which might be the goal). 

I am setting a limit order for 4% of Global Trends and Punch Card Stocks at $11.85 GTC.


NOTE: Executed April 1st, 2016