Buying Gold Stocks On Liquidations

In all accounts where you can, go ahead and buy the Van Eck Gold Miners ETF (GDX) for 8% of your portfolio value. You can go 12-16% if you feel assertive. I think we are seeing generational lows on the gold stocks right now.

This was the last topic in today’s interview with Forex Analytix. If you get a chance, go to their YouTube page and watch the interview. One of the things we talked about was buying in coming weeks as the markets bottom.

I’ll be back in town tomorrow and will do a broader outline for you by Wednesday night. I’ll be doing a special webinar Tuesday night. I’ll email details.

GDX has been sold off by investors needing cash to cover margin calls. This selling is about done. The GDX is already rebounding. Buy with both hands under $20 per share.