Q2 VSL, Models, Tracking & Alternative Sheets Link

Updated VSL includes Dow Jones Industrial Stocks.

Buy/Sell tracking within model portfolios.

ETFavorites and fund breakdowns with VSL stock highlights.

Alternative holdings for adding income and personalizing portfolios.


I have updated the VSL to include a lot more data on multiple Google Sheets. I got the idea after looking at several other services.

While I’d like to be able to embed everything within the site for proprietary security purposes, the functionality of the sheets is awesome. So, make a copy, and manipulate away. The originals are fixed of course. Here’s the Q2 link. Enjoy:

MoSI VSL, Model & Asset Tracker Q2 2018

As always, please do not share the sheet link. I will update the sheets a time or two per month and occasionally change the link address.