Several of our VSL stocks have fallen to the lower-end or even below their assigned "buy ranges." I've discussed this long ago, but buy ranges are not absolute areas to be a buyer. Those are areas to do a last deep dive into the research in order to make a decision. Due diligence is an ongoing process. 

Right now, for all the reasons I've discussed over and over, the stock market is overvalued. While we are on ice now, there is no telling how long that ice stays firm. From government to rising interest rates to trade wars to potential real wars, all on top of stretched valuations and what appears to be peak earnings, there is a lot of reason for caution. 

I know that the feeling of "missing out" can be powerful. I get it all the time when I don't play a hand at the poker table or don't introduce myself to a nice woman. But the reality is that most success is found in saying "no."

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