In real estate it is "location, location, location." In stocks it's quality, quality, quality. The problem is that in the stock market, basically everybody knows who the quality stocks are. There are certain companies that only go on sale once or twice a decade, usually during correlated market corrections when "everything" falls in price. 

So, now that we are hitting 10% on this correction in the stock markets, let's focus on a dozen or so quality stocks to add or round up positions for our portfolios. These are stocks we rarely can get with a discount. 

I'll start with a half-dozen dividend growth stocks that actually have growth. One day folks who don't understand that just because a dividend grows doesn't make a company strong, i.e. they borrow to pay the dividend, or look good going forward, i.e. if there's no growth how do they keep growing, or maybe even paying, the dividend. 

I'll then move to growth companies, virtually all in tech, that are part of the massive changes that are occuring in the world. There will be a common theme to all of them - they are all profitable or on the verge of being profitable. No speculations. We don't need to. 

I will follow up tomorrow morning with some options trades for this group, but to be sure, selling cash-secured puts on any of them, a month or two out just a shade below the money is a great trade. Premiums being paid are very high right now, so there is added built in margin of safety. To read more, a subscription is needed: Click here to subscribe