We planned for an October buyback blackout induced correction beginning in August.

We came into this correction with high cash holdings.

It is time to be a buyer of stocks with solid fundamentals, good intermediate-term upward price momentum and a buyback plan.

Selling puts against cash holdings is also a very viable strategy in order to "recycle" your money again in a couple months.

While I am not a fan of having to trade more frequently, I have to listen to the markets. Right now, and likely through the next real stock market crash (#crash2020 anybody?), we will likely need to tweak our asset allocation several times per year. Now is one of those times. 

Our asset allocation strategy is in line with what we discussed in our 4th Quarter Macro And Market Outlook. Let's do a quick review of the last few years though, before we reiterate our strategy for the 4th Quarter.To read more, a subscription is needed: Click here to subscribe