Kirk’s Weekend Reading (& Listening)

By popular demand I will be doing a weekend reading list on Fridays. It’ll be quick and feature about 5-10 articles that stood out to me this week. Most of the articles will be macro or industry driven and generally relate to our ETF investing.

Check upcoming “Stocks of the Week” for more articles relevant directly to the companies we are investing in.

Here’s your weekend reading and my quick take…

Because we all need to remember how good Charlie Munger was… Todd Combs – Charlie Munger’s Legacy

Ummm, nahhh, I hope not, but maybe, nahhh, probably not, but… Bird Flu Infects Second Human as Outbreak Continues

I talk about closed-end funds generally sucking. Even Blackrock (BLK) is not immune and they are one of the best sponsors. Saba letter to Blackrock closed-end fund shareholders

Mexico is about to elect its first female president (before the U.S.)

This big oil, geopolitics, energy, clean energy, net zero read-a-long at Semafor was pretty awesome this week.

I talked about AI power demand being good for natural gas and solar after the Hart Energy conference. I think it’s going to be really good for natural gas and solar. – AI Needs So Much Power That Old Coal Plants Are Sticking Around

Oh, and rate cuts are coming, it’ll just be slow until it’s fast – U.S. GDP growth was slower last quarter on soft consumer spending

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The Solar Stock Utilities Love And An Oil Company Might Buy

Solar has a growth rate over 20% per year and will likely see a phase of 30% growth soon. There are a few leaders in utility scale solar that should be on your radar as a core holding. The oil majors are likely to expand into solar given their land holdings and stated desire to become “stewards of the environment” (cough, I know, sort of funny, but not in a “ha-ha” way).


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