Global Trends ETF

In recent years, ETFs – or Exchange Traded Funds – have become the standard for effective low cost investing supplanting mutual funds.

Global Trends ETF investment service is the service for small and large investors alike who want to use ETFS. Global Trends ETF is run by veteran ETF investor Kirk Spano (a bit more about him below).

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If you’re not too sure what ETFs can do for you, here’s a graphic that breaks down the history, types and many uses of ETFs. In recent years, ETFs have become widely used by even the top institutional investors. This is no fad. This is the now and the future.

What is an ETF?

Kirk Spano has been at the forefront of building asset allocations for investors since early on. His entry into the financial industry was roughly simultaneous with the introduction of ETFs in the middle 1990s.

In the past decade, Kirk has written extensively about effective uses of ETFs on MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha and other publications, while be syndicated around the world. He’s interviewed on over a dozen shows and podcasts, as well as, made appearances on Fox Business and Cheddar TV.

His “ETF Files” break down the inner workings and holdings of ETFs so that you can better use Exchange Traded Funds to achieve your investment goals.

Global Trends ETF asset allocations can also be mapped over to your 401k, TIAA or TSP to help manage your retirement plan at work better. In our retirement articles we will help you do that so that your portfolio is a coordinated plan.

Join Us Today To Get Global Trends ETF For 50% Off Forever – Use Code: Founder

In 2017, Kirk wrote a series of articles telling people to use the Invesco Solar ETF (TAN) and the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) for significant parts of their portfolios. His investors did very well. In fact, both funds have been among the very best.

How did he know? He knew the secular trends and the guts of those ETFs were going to mesh well.

Fast forward to early 2020 when Kirk correctly identified that the Coronavirus would be a major event and he told people to take profits and lighten up on stocks.

During the madness of the Covid Crash, on March 16th, while doing an interview with Forex Analytix, Kirk told listeners to the show to buy the Van Eck Gold Miners ETF (GDX) during the first few minutes of trading. That was the low point of the year and has more than doubled in under a year.

A few days later he prepared Fundamental Trends members to get ready to buy back into the stock market.

Kirk again pointed to the ARK Innovation ETF, Invesco Solar ETF and regular core holding the Invesco QQQ ETF – which represents the Nasdaq 100 with companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft – in addition to the Van Eck Gold Miners ETF as 2020 post crash core holdings.

How did those ETFs do from March 16th to early 2021?

This is what ETF investing is supposed to be. Slow handed, opportunistic and fully informed. Imagine what your investment results could have been or could be with this sort of forward looking preparation and “in time” trade alerts.

While there are no future guarantees on performance, what we can promise is to keep you informed and give you ideas that you can use to make money while controlling risk.

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