My Review Of Wild Alaskan Company

This is my first review. I’ll keep it brief because I hate those product or service reviews that babble on and one to get more ads on that page. This review is ad free.

I couple of months ago I mentioned that I was going to try Wild Alaskan Company because I wanted to eat more fish. I figured by getting an order regularly (I selected every two months), it forced me to eat more fish. So far, that has turned out to be true.

Here’s my brief review of Wild Alaskan Company. I won’t try to convince you to order from them or not. I’ll just tell you my experience and who I think it might be good for.

What Wild Alaskan Company Does

Wild Alaskan Company’s mission is to provide sustainable fresh caught seafood. They provide verifiably fresh frozen wild caught fish off of the northwester coast of North America. Pretty simple, but there’s more.

There is in fact a lot of fraud in the fishing industry. I didn’t know this until Wild Alaskan Company alerted me to it.

So, I looked into it as the researcher and analyst that I am. What I found is that much of the fresh wild fish in stores is actually farmed fish imported from overseas. I was legitimately surprised.

Why is farmed fish bad? The main reason is that most farmed fish is lower quality, even from the U.S. It has a higher likelihood of disease and carrying things like heavy metals.

Foreign farmed fish usually does not conform to FDA safety standards of the U.S. That’s a double whammy for your health.

In short, Wild Alaskan Company fish is almost certainly healthier than almost any farmed fish. Wild Alaskan Company’s fish is legitimately wild and caught fresh, then packaged immediately and prepared for shipping.

Wild Alaskan Company Quality & Taste

So, here’s the big test right. How does it taste? Well, pretty great.

The fresh frozen white fish is amazing and super convenient. In fact, I have changed my every other month package to be white fish focused.

Pacific Cod Tacos

That’s not to say the salmon isn’t great. It is. But, I like my salmon to not be frozen when I get it, so I shop a couple local places sales when I want salmon tonight.

Truthfully, I can’t really taste any difference from thawing salmon from Wild Alaskan Company versus what I buy at a local seafood wholesaler (Empire Fish) or a local grocer (Sendiks). It was both frozen at some point.

But, I like shopping the local guys who I know are the real deal and the white fish is so good with Wild Alaskan Company that I made them the white fish guys for me.

Coho Salmon

Wild Alaskan also has shrimp regularly and from time to time cold smoked salmon, almost Lox, but without the salt cure.

The shrimp is awesome tasting, but I hate cleaning it, so I’ll take it when it’s in my box, but don’t order it separately. For shrimp, I go to the local guys because for a few bucks they’ll clean the shrimp for me. I like that, so that’s how I do it.

The cold smoked salmon is to die for. Seriously, if they have it, order it, you’ll thank me.

And, here’s something to know. If you aren’t great at cooking fish, Wild Alaskan Company’s recipes on their site are awesome. They are making it super easy to eat fish by giving you great recipes.

I will say this to close. I have two awesome seafood places near me (and there’s probably a few more, I’ve never actually tried Whole Foods), so I am a bit spoiled that way. If you don’t have really good seafood outlets near you, it’s going to tough to beat the quality and taste from Wild Alaskan Company.

Wild Alaskan Company Prices

The prices you get with Wild Alaskan Company seafood is basically the same as at a quality grocer with seafood specific counter or a wholesaler. There’s not any savings because you are getting charged for direct shipping versus the bulk shipping that a store or wholesaler gets.

The sales are decent. You’ll want to take a look at the member specials every month. If you’re a coupon shopper, this is the way to go. When you shop the sales at Wild Alaskan Company you’re getting something “in season” so it’s worth it from a quality, as well as, price standpoint.

If you’re interested in a little leg or keyboard work, you can get a few coupons for introducing Wild Alaskan Company to your friends and family. If one person a month signs up via your link, your price ends up below store or wholesaler prices because you’re essentially getting your shipping paid for. That’s a great combination of quality and low price.

Who is Wild Alaskan Company For?

From my point of view, Wild Alaskan Company is for anyone who wants to keep high quality fresh fish in their freezer and save time on shopping for it. The quality is going to be hard to beat without a lot of effort and a good seafood outlet or two nearby.

If saving time on shopping is a thing for you, then Wild Alaskan Company is a great service for you.

I also think it’s great as a way to force more fish into your diet. If it’s showing up regularly, you’re going to try to eat it before the next shipment so your freezer doesn’t overflow. That’s essentially why I tried it and that’s what the exact effect has been. I’m eating more fish. I used to eat fish once or twice a month. Now, I eat fish once or twice a week. We all know that’s healthier to eat more fish, so I’m happy about that.

Wild Alaskan Company Coupon

Full disclosure, I get a discount towards more fish if you use this coupon link.

This Wild Alaskan Company coupon is for $25 off your first order of Wild Alaskan Company seafood. If you can get legit fresh salmon near you, I suggest the Wild Combo Box or the Wild Whitefish Box.

Wild Alaskan Company Coupon Link

Happy fishing.

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