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We offer 6 memberships from a Free Library Card which gives you basic access to our broad investment thoughts including Macro Monday, Outlooks and Reports, to our flagship service RARE. 

RARE – Risk Adjusted Returns Elite -includes all the ideas found in other memberships, plus our popular home run potential microcap and smallcap stock picks, and our weekly “Swinging For The Fences” idea.

Try RARE today if you are looking for maximum profits.

If you are a little less active or have more specific goals, try one of our component memberships.

Global Trends ETF is all you need for asset allocation, which is great for new investors and established investors.

Sustainable Growth Investing adds the component of great growth stocks for the long run.

Dividend Collector is for the retiree looking for equity like returns with balance portfolio risk.

Retirement Income Options is for investors with six and seven figure accounts looking to cautiously generate several extra points of income every year using covered calls and cash-secured puts.

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Free Library Card
Global Trends ETF
$199 / Year
Sustainable Growth Investing
$299 / Year
Dividend Collector
$399 / Year
Retirement Income Options
$499 / Year
RARE Investing
$599 / Year