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Special Reports Library
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Global Trends ETF
$199 / Year
Asset allocation is at the heart of every portfolio. Use the Fundamental Trends global tactical investment approach to be in the right asset classes from month to month and year to year. Also highly applicable to your 401k at work.
Slow handed tactical trading of ETFs for the heart of your investment portfolio.
Includes commentary on how to apply to your 401k investing.
Sustainable Growth Trends
$399 / Year
Kirk's top rated and heavily sought after forward looking analysis of the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology and the massive shift towards decarbonization.
Identifies 4th Industrial Revolution and Clean Energy industry leaders before the crowd bids them up.
Focuses on small and midcap stocks with 10-bagger potential.
Includes Global Trends ETF with membership.
Access to chat with Kirk, Shooter & other smart investors.
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Retirement Income Options
$599 / Year
The top service for doubling or tripling your retirement portfolio's income with lower equity risk. Learn how to make more money with us and employ our strategies in just a few hours per week.
Get Kirk's top dividend stocks, REITs and top private equity income payers.
Learn how to sell cash-secured puts and covered calls for more income and less risk.
Includes Global Trends ETF membership for your asset allocation.
Includes Sustainable Growth Trends for the growth sleeve of your portfolio or for inheritance investing.
Access to chat with Kirk, Shooter & other smart investors.
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RARE Investing = Risk Adjusted Returns Elite
3 Months for $90 then $799 / Year
RARE Investing is our product that adds guided swing trading and microcap coverage, on top of our, award winning top ranked long-term investing. Maximize your returns by trading around the edges of your core positions and finding catalyst driven trades for fast profits.
Includes All Other Services!
Kirk's volume weighted quant analysis and catalyst driven trades.
Scott "Shooter" Henderson's AI detected Elliott Wave analysis and swing trades.
Kirk's monthly microcap stock pick before the FOMO.
We warned you most Crypto was going to zero. Now get the survivors that will generate real profits.
Access to chat with Kirk, Shooter & other smart investors.
Low cost trial period.