Plug & Play ETFs Q2 2021

Our Plug & Play ETFs are built on the premise that Asset allocation drives 50-90% of volatility, risk and returns so focus on asset allocation by sector, industry and nation above all else, with a core position in ETFs. For all paid members from Global Trends ETF to RARE.

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Plug & Play ETFs Q3 2021

Kirk’s quarterly ETF update for Global Trends ETF focus ETFs and Retirement Trends ETF focus ETFs. See the basket of ETFs we are using to invest in and trade with. Maximum profits with minimum risks. Available with any paid membership.

Q1 2022 Plug & Play ETFs

Our core ETFs to use this quarter to build your portfolio. Weekly updates found in Global Trends ETF articles that will include new funds and potential trades, as well as, when to buy, sell, add and trim for profits. Join Global Trends ETF service for access to our highly sought after ETF asset allocation and trading. Also included with all stock memberships.


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