Primary Waves: Stocks & ETFs To Buy & Sell

These are my top Elliott Wave set-ups for Plug & Play Stocks that I am making longer-term trades in. This piece is designed to help you manage your positions.

I am using the weekly charts, which show intermediate-term moves, in consideration of the monthly charts, which show long-term full-cycle moves.

If you are looking for swing trades, please join me and our group of swing traders in the RARE Investing Group.

Elliott Wave is not perfect, nor is the operator, nor is my Primary Wave setup. However, from a targeting perspective, I have found it to be an excellent tool. Even when I miss, I learn a lot and can adjust. I encourage you to think that way. Think in probabilities, not certainties. And, remember, mind your asset allocation by scaling in a piece at a time. Here are some tools for your use:




Top Buyable Stocks & ETFs

Stocks and ETFs that appear ready for an extended impulsive wave rally. We are looking for timeframes to scale into positions that we can hold from quarters to years. Remember to scale in small, slow and at wide price points. We only pile into positions on major bottoming confirmations.

Innovative Indl Pptys Inc. (IIPR)

  • Wahoo, were above the breakout line. Now, lets see if we can get some FOMO.
  • We need to get above the breakout line and stay there.

Nutrien Ltd (NTR)

  • Still the week sister, but its done nothing wrong.
  • I’d still stay small on this one until it changes its toon.

Intel Corporation (INTC)

  • Let see where our Intermediate Wave 4 holds, then Maybe $46.50 next!
  • I sign of relative strength, they are buying any dips in this one.

Block Inc. (SQ)

  • One of Kirks faves…
  • Back above the 50 is solid for a move toward the 50% Fib extension.

Stag Industrial Inc. (STAG)

  • Still looks a little flat, but we have a new Primary Wave Set-up with a weekly trigger.
  • Breakout line is at $37.13 and I’d think that would muster some FOMO there.

Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

  • The count says $157 is on deck next. I’d like more FOMO.
  • I might sell some $115 cash-secured puts and buy (a few) Jun $150 calls. That’s aggressive but like I said before. GOOG sell looked over done to me and flow supports higher.

Apple Inc. (AAPL)

  • New breakout line overhead. Nice bullish reversal now. Maybe sell some Jan $160-170 puts.
  • We could still go either, the count is clearly saying its bullish.

Shopify Inc (SHOP)

  • At the breakout line now, still thinking the 200 day is pretty quick.
  • I like Feb. calls around the 200 day.

KKR & Co. Inc. (KKR)

  • Nice follow-through again; maybe $78 on this leg.
  • I’d just sell some cash secured puts close to the 200 day.

Walt Disney World (DIS)

  • We have Primary Wave Set-up with a first target of around $97. Lets see how we hold.
  • Keep in mind that we had a lower print in structuring your trade.
  • Good spot to sell some cash-secured puts.

Occidental Petro Corp (OXY)

  • OXY is heavy on ceasefire news. Where we hold will important now.
  • The better trade he55–$60selling Jan $55-$60 cash-secured puts. (AMZN)

  • We’ve flattened out this week, holiday week so lets see what the ceasefire news brings.
  • The Cycle Wave 4 should come in at around $127.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

  • Some decent follow through.
  • Counts pushed a bit some maybe $387 now.

Palantir Tech Inc. (PLTR)

  • We closed at the bottom the candle last week so maybe and inside week.
  • First targets is around $30, the 8 day support has to hold now.

New Fortress Energy Inc. (NFE)

  • Lets see what kind of follow through we get this, then I’d be at a full position size on the back-test.
  • Maybe $48 on this leg.

Jumia Tech (JMIA)

  • Still in the base but this action is constructive for the bulls.
  • We get back above the 200 day a nice pop towards 430.

StoneCo Ltd (STNE)

  • STNE is on a bearish ABC pattern, heading towards $22.76.
  • I’d at least take partials there or sell some covered calls and see where we land on Wave 5.

Generac Hldg Inc. (GNRC)

  • Were testing the 50 so maybe the 200 day by Feb.

Fifth Third Bank (FITB)

  • Back above the 50 we target $35.
  • Banks still don’t excite me.

Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (FCX)

  • I’d scale in small and get to a full position on a breakout.
  • This will correlate to pop when China buys again most likely in Feb 2024.

EPR Properties (EPR)

  • The breakout line is trying to become support.
  • Next stop would be around $60.

Digital Realty Trust Inc. (DLR)

  • Still testing the breakout line again, maybe $142 by Dec.

Blackstone Inc. (BX)

  • Nice push, $115 is on deck in Jan or Feb.

Warner Brother Discovery Inc. (WBD)

  • The 8 day looks like it will hold, while I’d start scaling in but small until were above the 50 day.

Uber Technologies Inc. (UBER)

  • Breakout looks eminant.
  • Were heading for all time highs with this look.

Tesla Inc. (TSLA)

  • You are either a believer in this stock or your not.
  • The daily ranges just keep growing while support continues to hold??? What doe’s that mean???

Teladoc Health Inc. (TDOC)

  • RSI is still diverging, while support seems to be hold.
  • Scale in small until we’ve cleared the 50 day.

Stocks & ETFs At Risk Of A Downturn

Stocks and ETFs at risk of a corrective wave lower. Many corrective legs can extend further down during bear markets. These are positions you may want to trim and/or sell covered calls on.

Pfizer Inc. (PFE)

  • Last entry short at $31 still enough room down towards $25.
  • I’d buy weekly puts 2 weeks out at the money on Monday, sell on Thursday one week out and rince and repeat until we get to the $25 target.

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B)

  • OK, I’d buy back any covered calls here and sell some more around $373 area when we get there.
  • If your inclined to sell some cash secured, I’d sell closer to $300 in January-Mar.

Vici Pytys Inc. (VICI)

  • On this next back-test up (I don’t expect much), maybe $30, we should start a leg lower, ending around $20.
  • It may gyrate around a bit because its becoming a diagonal.

American Tower Corp (AMT)

  • Count pushed a bit, but the outcome has not changed.
  • Could sell some covered closer to the 200 day. Give it some room!

Ford Motor Company (F)

  • Should be final leg lower, so maybe sell some cash secured puts around $8.
  • Maybe $45 then we head towards our Primary Wave 3

Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI)

  • Next stop $13.50, oil patch is looking weak.

Paramount Glbl CI B (PARA)

  • Looks to me like my Speedline breaks next.

Proloigis Inc. (PLD)

  • Maybe $112.96 then it looks like it fails shortly afterwards.

AT&T (T)

  • We should chop around here for a while, then put our Primary Wave 3 around $12.

Nvidia Corp (NVDA)

  • Remember we have that gap fill at $318.28. I don’t think it gets there without a Catalysis…like banning the proposed new china chip.
  • Next stop $435.53.

Risk Disclosures

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