RARE Investing Monthly

“Risk Adjusted Returns Elite” – R.A.R.E – includes all of the ETF, stock & option selling of 3 other services, as well as, much more.

If you want to maximize your profit potential, R.A.R.E. is for you.  

For only $99 per month, build wealth and change your life.

What You Get With R.A.R.E

First off, you will receive everything that the other services on Fundamental Trends offer.

But Wait, There’s More (I always wanted to say that)

Every week you also receive swing trading ideas from Elliott Wave & Harmonics Technical Analyst Scott “Shooter” Henderson. These small bets can yield big results and turn nickels into quarters pretty quickly. Most of these trades are measured in time frames of a week or two to month or two and require you to pay attention. But, if you have the time and are willing to keep improving your technical skills, the sky is the limit by making risk measured asymmetric trades. And…

You will also receive catalyst and quant driven swing trades from Kirk Spano several times per quarter. He trades less, but with risk managed high conviction. Often his bets of 1-3% of NAV multiply by 50%, 100% or much more. 

RARE is also where to find Kirk’s microcap and small cap stock picks where the most likely 10 baggers are. Remember, while we trade a portion of our portfolio, most of our gains from finding the best ideas before the crowd jumps in. We were Apes before the Apes. Past picks have included:

Remember what Peter Lynch said…

“All you need for a lifetime of successful investing is a few big winners, and the pluses from those will overwhelm the minuses from the stocks that don’t work out.”

Risk Adjusted Returns Elite And You

You will build a diversified asset allocation using ETFs that correspond to our investing barbell approach that’s extremely similar to some of the best investing institutions on the planet.

With core ETF investments controlling your portfolio’s beta (a measure of volatility), you are now set to pick out stocks that will deliver true alpha against the market indexes or averages. Our goal is simple: take about the same risk as the markets, but offer a lot more upside. Sometimes, a lot more.

We will teach you that single stock risk is only worthwhile if the stock can trounce the market. Otherwise, stick with ETFs.

We will also teach you to “trade the edges” not the middle of the market. This simple lesson consistently puts the odds on your side. While nobody and nothing is perfect, we can be excellent.

We use a constantly learning AI, various technical indicators – including Shooter’s Elliott Wave analysis and Kirk’s quantitative expertise to help you can make superstar returns.

Whether you are good at technical analysis now or not, we will help you get better at it so that you can make better buy and sell decisions. With the R.A.R.E. Chat room you can talk to other traders, investors, Scott “Shooter” Henderson and Kirk Spano on a regular basis. This sort of collaboration will help you examine your ideas in a friendly, but critical way, to help you maintain a margin of safety.

R.A.R.E. is a unique opportunity to combine fundamental, technical and quant analysis in a way that is rarely matched, especially not for our low price!

Join us for only $99 per month. You can make your money back on one trade with Shooter, and many times your money back on one of Kirk’s multibaggers. Change your life, learn what our members know now.


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