RARE Lifetime

“Risk Adjusted Returns Elite” – R.A.R.E – includes EVERYTHING and MORE!

This is a RARE opportunity to get a huge lifetime discount and become eligible to be a Fundamental Trends affiliate.

I am here today to offer you two things:

A big discount!

A chance to make more money!

I do truly appreciate you helping me get this site up and running the past few years. I’d like to do something for you in return.

First off, is a huge discount for becoming a lifer at Fundamental Trends RARE Investing.

I want to give you lifetime RARE access for paying for 4 years now. And, I am going to base that on the lowest price I see in the system of $299/year, not the $799 annual price that I bumped up to a few months ago (it’s going to $999 in 2024).

So, I am offering you lifetime access to RARE for $1196 paid one time.

But wait, there’s a bit more.

RARE will now include the former Crypto Trade Shots which is being renamed:

Global Fintech & Ecommerce Trends

(because SBF et al gave crypto a worse real bad name)

This new service will continue to cover Bitcoin and whichever crypto projects look to survive, but will now also focus on picking out two global fintech or ecommerce stocks per month. I’m talking conviction picks with big upside.

The reason that service will have that focus, is because emerging markets are going to be where many millionaires are made in the coming decade. And, many of those millionaires will be attached to fintech and ecommerce.

We have to remember, the emerging markets are skipping the mall phase of their economies. They are going straight to cell phones and ordering what they need. As technology, supply chains and logistics develop, and the emerging markets middle classes expand, there is going to be trillions changing hands. I want some of that loot in our hands.

In addition to the lifetime savings and investing in global fintech and ecommerce, there’s even more…

By being a lifetime member, I am giving you the chance to also become an affiliate.

That will be up and running on December 17th.

Affiliates will get 50% of the first year membership fee and 10% of all renewals that your referrals generate.

If you sign up to be an affiliate, you will get a custom discount code for Sustainable Growth Trends, Retirement Income Options and RARE.

Here’s an example:

If a referral of yours signs up for RARE with a 1st year 50% discount (standard code), then their membership fee will be $399.50 the first year.

That will make you $199.75 (paid the quarter after they are paid in full).

You will also make 10% of their future membership fees.

 FYI, about 90% of folks renew for year 2 and 70% for years 3+ so you can see how just getting ten or twenty referrals over time can add up for you.

In addition, I will be offering Lifetime membership to RARE members next year too, but it will be 4 x $399 or $1596, so that’s a potential additional $160. 

If you have access to a valid email list or some other way to “get the word out” you could make a decent living bringing people into Fundamental Trends. But probably, this is just extra cash for your vacations to come and visit me!!! Teasing.

More details on the affiliate program at launch.

The first thing I am going to do with the RARE Lifetime money is give Shooter a Christmas bonus.

The second thing I’m going to do is upgrade chat and make other site upgrades.

I’ve already been taking your suggestions and tidying up, including adding sub links back to the members content menu above. There will be  more upgrades as we grow.

Third, I am going to continue to add more analysts and traders to the site.

Hopefully, 2 per year. I already am in the process of adding another trader for chat.

I’d love for you to stick around forever as we go from great to excellent! 

Join me and Shooter today!

Deal valid December only.

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  1. Jennifer Meier

    I’m a Margin of Safety member and my membership through Seeking Alpha renewed in July. I’ve been curious about whether or not it would be better to move to Fundamental Trends so I’m making the move with this offer. I don’t think Seeking Alpha will give me a partial refund but it’s worth it anyway. I’ve been following you for years and I’ve learned a lot. Thank you 🙂

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