Stock & ETF Trends

Stock & ETF Trends is built to participate in the biggest secular trends.

We seek both growth and income with a margin of safety.

We use our 4-step process pioneered by top institutional investors for top 1% performance.

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We analyze:

Long-term economic and social secular trends…

…the biggest trends for the next generation are 4IR, Decarbonization, Emerging Markets and Aging Demographics.

Government and central bank policy…

…policy for dealing with competing forces of inflation and deflation while dealing with geopolitics.

Fundamental analysis of industries and companies…

…know and understand the important numbers and find the moats.

Price trend analysis which yields clues to future price movements.

…respect the price trend analysis to avoid big drawdowns and find inflections to bigger profits.


Stock & ETF Trends is designed to take advantage of asset allocation and stock selection.

We use ETFs to build a diversified core portfolio and monitor monthly.

Our tactical ETF asset allocation is used to overweight the best parts of the economy.

We also try to find a basket of stocks with potential market beating characteristics.

Our goal for stocks is find companies with a margin of safety that could triple on a total return basis within 5-years.

Many stocks are geared more towards total return for more conservative retirement portfolios. 

Some of our stocks will have high growth and do much better than a triple.

You will choose the mix that is right for you, your goals and your risk tolerance.

Many of our future “10-baggers” will come from the 4th Industrial Revolution.

A glance into the future…

The emergence of smart technology and a move towards sustainability are extremely disruptive.

There are both risks and opportunities. 

Stanley Druckenmiller summarized his investment thesis moving forward with this short quip:

“Buy the disruptors, sell the disrupted.”

We like his approach. He’s made billions. 

This is just a sampling of companies I have invested in early during my career.

“All you need for a lifetime of successful investing is a few big winners, and the pluses from those will overwhelm the minuses from the stocks that don’t work out.” Peter Lynch

What You Get With Stock & ETF Trends

A monthly updated tactical ETF Asset Allocation

Stocks Of The Week – Top Growth Stocks & Top Dividend Stocks

Macro, industry and company analysis

Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Our “Very Short Lists” with 5-year price targets for over 200 companies

Trade Alerts

Access to 2 group chats for taking investing with me and other smart investors.

Similar services cost 50% to 300% more. I keep our rates low to offer everyone access. 

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