A few times per year I release “special reports” about economics, financial planning or investing. In the past, I have covered the energy collapse, as well as, other major cyclical and secular trends.We are particularly focused on our “core four” investment themes for both for long and short investment ideas:

  1. Secular Trends: is there a long-term economic force that is driving growth or decline in a particular industry or nation? For example, think about how aging demographics are driving the healthcare industry.
  2. Disruptive Forces: is there a new way of doing business that is disrupting an old way? For example, consider how Amazon disrupted shopping malls.
  3. Government or Central Bank Intervention: is “city hall” supporting or fighting something? For example, we have seen massive central bank quantitative easing that has disrupted asset markets globally.
  4. Value: can we find a reasonable or discounted price to buy a fundamentally sound asset? Through buying assets when undervalued we can build a margin of safety.

By understanding the big trends and then assessing the price of assets versus the value of assets, we can dramatically narrow our search down for good investments.
Fincial planning topics are also being added here, including retirement planning and financial planning for millennials.

These reports are free to all, although some are time delayed. If you are not a subscriber and would like to receive Fundamental Trends Special Reports as released, please enter your email address into the “Free Research” box which is located on the front page in the right hand column and you will be sent reports the same week that subscribers do. 

Title Published Date Author
Asset Allocation and My “Core 4” Approach for Better Investing May 20, 2017 Kirk
Oil & Gas Market and 3 Investment Ideas February 17, 2016 Kirk
Updated 2016 Energy Report December 30, 2015 Kirk
The Bear Market has Begun October 25, 2015 Kirk