A Note To Margin Of Safety Investors

Folks ask me what the difference is between the services at Seeking Alpha and at Fundamental Trends. Here are the basics:

Margin of Safety Investing contains everything up to Retirement Income Options has on this site. So, that includes Retirement Life Growth & Income, which includes Sustainable Growth Investing, which includes Global Trends ETF. The time lag on articles and analysis is generally about 20 minutes. I sometimes publish at MoSI first, sometimes here on Fundamental Trends, it’s random.

Margin of Safety Investing and Retirement Income Options are both $499 per year. So, if you like the Seeking Alpha platform that Margin of Safety Investing is on, then you should subscribe there. Both platforms have chat.

Fundamental Trends also has a forum with multiple threads for company or ETF specific 3rd party research and for topical discussion of fundamentals.

The Fundamental Trends R.A.R.E. service includes everything in Retirement Income Options, plus, swing trading and the weekly “Swinging for the Fences” piece. That service is $999 per year. I offer R.A.R.E. as an add-on to MoSI members for $99 your first year. You can keep it for $499/year after your first year is up.

I hope that helps. Contact me by email with any questions:

letters at kirk spano dot com.

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