Core Investment Research Websites

Here is list of my core subscriptions to publications and services that I read and use very regularly.

I also maintain a best financial and investment websites page. On that page you will find:

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  • Top Macro & Markets Investment Websites
  • Top Investment Blogs
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  • Top News Websites
  • Top Think Tanks & Global Institutions
  • Top U.S. Government Websites

Investment News

Bloomberg – Easy to read and has outstanding graphics. A great way to get the main news of the markets. I don’t think you need to pay for this one, use the free edition and just sign up 2 or 3 email accounts to get your allotment of free monthly articles.

Financial Times – International and company coverage is outstanding. Probably the most useful for global investors. The basic subscription with Saturday delivery is awesome. I don’t pay for the Lex upgrade. If you are interested in global coverage, this is probably the leader by a whisker.

Wall Street Journal – A daily read of WSJ is mandatory for a lot of folks. Ignore some of the extreme editorials and you’ll get a lot out of it. You can get summarized articles on for most of the important content.  The student deal is outstanding and it’s a good way to be able to help somebody younger with finances. 

Barron’s – Great special reports and inside looks. Subscribe along with WSJ for a big discount. Or better yet, find a college student in the family, subscribe on your card, then give them a few bucks and dinner. 

ValueWalk – The information you can get from what hedge funds and institutions are doing is very insightful. For the money, I don’t think there’s anything more valuable. Click here or use code “Kirk15” to get 15% off.

I subscribe to everything in this section and use almost all daily.

If you are on a budget, I suggest the free versions of Bloomberg, FT and WSJ, but pay for Barrons and Valuewalk. 

Global Analysis & Macro

Foreign Affairs – Some of the best essays about what is going on in the world and why. Great insights you can apply to your macro view. Extremely cheap and has nice every other month little book sent to you which is pretty nice to have laying around. They could get 10x the $40 a year subscription price. It’s a steal.

Charting & Investment Tools

TradingView has become my default charting tool when I am looking for technical information. They also have a great platform for idea generation and to check other people’s work. It really is a great platform and I’ve stopped using a couple others to use TradingView.

I would like anybody who plans to trade a bit or wants to learn more about technical analysis to subscribe to TradingView. It will be our default charting platform going forward and it will be easier if we are all on the same platform. 

I also subscribe to BarCharts Premier service. It has a great idea generator for options that I have not found anywhere else. It also has a great rating system for helping with when to buy or sell a stock. It does most of the charting as well. I’m sharing my best ideas from BarChart, so unless you have more time to hunt or really want to get into options, a basic free membership is dandy.

Fundamental Research Resources

I have gravitated towards Stock Rover and away from YCharts as the price difference is substantial and the data is very similar. Stock Rover has an amazing screening set which has made looking at companies very easy. I love it actually. It was integral in the VSLs. 

I asked them for an affiliate code for my subscribers, so if you’d like to add an amazing way to sort and find fundamental data, as well as, chart it, here you go: Stock Rover screening and sorting

The Seeking Alpha Premium service and tools are interesting. The best feature to me is the author stock ratings for finding trends and when too many people are on one side of the boat. The crowd sourcing is extremely useful once you can filter through the repetition and noise. But even that is useful at an investor psychology level.

The screening and portfolio management tools on Seeking Alpha Premium are also very solid. I haven’t quite figured out the financial factor/quant ratings, but they do seem to get folks to focus on thinking factors. The transcripts and old articles are very useful for quickly building up a knowledge of a company. For $239 per year it’s a very good service (and they don’t even give me anything to say that, sigh).

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