Regular Chat Schedule

I want to be able to interact with you, answer questions and help out with managing investment positions. So, to help us connect, I am setting up a regular chat schedule that I should be able to keep most of the time (my guess is I’m on 80% of the time I say I will be). 

Because I am doing research, managing money and talking to clients, I can’t be on the chat all the time. A lesson I learned in exec training was to schedule darn near everything, from times to respond to email to taking calls and appointments, so.

Here is my regular weekly chat schedule. I’ll be on 2 hours each weekday and at random on the weekend mornings. If you’d like to chat, this is when you can expect to find me lurking online (all times central time): 

Monday8pm to 10pm
Tuesday9am to 11am
Wednesday8pm to 10pm
ThursdayNoon to 2pm
FridayNoon to 2pm
Saturday & SundayRandomly 8am to 10am

If you cannot be online at those times, stop in anyway when you can. Chat with other members and leave your questions on the board. I will scroll through each day and chat into the threads. 

I will also be doing a “best of chat” article each weekend.