401k Alert

401k Alert

  • Asset Allocation for Aggressive, Balanced or Conservative retirement savers.
  • Includes asset allocations for the most popular retirement plans, including Fidelity, Vanguard, American, T.Rowe Price and other top plans.
  • Includes asset allocations for the Government Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
  • Unique fund mapping strategy to keep you diversified and in the most positive global trends while mitigating risks.
  • Email alerts when to change your asset allocation.
  • ETF Tactical Investing

    ETF Tactical Investing

  • 401k Alert Included
  • The essential service for investing in ETFs (exchange traded funds) focused on intermediate term and long-term investing.
  • Our Global Trends strategy for finding the best long-term global growth opportunities.
  • Our Global Asset Allocation strategy guides you through growth & income investing at the risk level appropriate for you.
  • The Retirement Income Generator is the gold standard for conservative investors looking to use asset allocation for generating income and enough growth to beat inflation.
  • Sustainable Growth Investing

    Sustainable Growth Investing

  • Long-term Growth Strategies and Stock Selections For Tomorrow’s Economy
  • Focus on "smart everything world," IoT, AI, alternative energy, EV tech, biotech and other sustainability centered companies.
  • 401k Alert Included
  • ETF Tactical Investing Membership Included
  • Full Access To Investor Forum
  • A shoot high strategy with the goal to quadruple your money every decade with roughly the same risk as the stock market.
  • A buy and hold approach with only occasional shifts in asset allocation.
  • Retirement Life Growth & Income

    Retirement Life Growth & Income

  • Investing Including Dividend Growth Stocks and Option Selling For Higher Income & Safety
  • 401k Alert Included
  • ETF Tactical Investing Membership Included
  • Full Access To Investor Forum
  • Advanced analytics “Dividend Growth” portfolio strategy
  • Kirk’s Famous “Retirement Income Options” portfolio strategy
  • Goal to double the equity portion of your money every 5-7 years with as low of risk as possible using total return strategies.
  • Intelligent Investor Program

    Intelligent Investor Program Quarterly

  • Our "Almost Everything" Package
  • 401k Alert Included
  • ETF Tactical Investing Membership Included
  • Sustainable Growth Investing included
  • Retirement Life Growth & Income included
  • Full Access To Investor Forum included
  • This almost everything package is great for those approaching retirement or already retired who realize that retirement lasts a very long time.
  • Great for retirees seeking to grow assets for late retirement and potential inheritance.
  • R.A.R.E

    R.A.R.E - “Risk Adjusted Returns Elite”

  • Everything in the Intelligent Investor Program
  • Swing Trading to take advantage of volatile markets
  • Uses Quant and Technical Analysis to manage risk
  • Scanning our hundreds of covered ETFs and stocks to find unique opportunities
  • Puts fundamentals on our side which creates more opportunities for catalysts
  • Also our “short side” ideas which can yield large fast gains and act as hedges to a long portfolio
  • Full Access To Investor Forum
  • Chat Rooms With Kirk Spano, analyst team and other investors

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