Welcome to our services page. Below are outlines of what each service provides. Become a member of the service that best fits your circumstances and goals. Make sure to read our terms of service for important information about your membership.

401k Alert

401k Alert


  • Asset Allocation for Aggressive, Balanced or Conservative retirement savers.
  • Includes asset allocations for the most popular retirement plans, including Fidelity, Vanguard, American, T.Rowe Price and other top plans.
  • Includes asset allocations for the Government Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
  • Unique fund mapping strategy to keep you diversified and in the most positive global trends while mitigating risks.
  • Email alerts when to change your asset allocation.
  • Global Trends ETF

    Global Trends ETF

  • 401k Alert Included
  • The essential service for investing in ETFs (exchange traded funds).
  • Global Trends ETF improves upon traditional financial industry models by incorporating quant driven algorithmic signals and intermediate term trade ideas.
  • We use fundamental criteria to find the asset classes with the best risk to reward ratios.
  • Designed for growth or retirement investors with flexible asset allocations for any risk tolerance.
  • Sustainable Growth Investor

    Sustainable Growth Investing

  • Investing at the intersection of the "smart everything world" and the secular Sustainability trend.
  • Includes access to "401K Alert" and Global Trends ETF for managing your retirement plan and asset allocation.
  • Build a 20-30 stock portfolio based on the "smart everything world," IoT, AI, alternative energy, smart grid, smart buildings, EV tech, biotech and other sustainability centered companies.
  • Full access to a research and idea rich Investor Forum.
  • Retirement Life Growth & Income

    Retirement Life Growth & Income

  • Retirement Investing with Dividend Growth Stocks and Intelligent Asset Allocation for Higher Income & Safety
  • 401k Alert, Global Trends ETF & Sustainable Growth Investing Memberships Included
  • Full Access To Investor Forum
  • Value with growth approach to stock selection designed to find companies with lower risk in a changing world.
  • "Dividend Growth" and "Low Volatility Retirement Equity Income" portfolio strategies for minimizing risk and generating a high income total return.
  • Retirement Income Options

    Retirement Income Options

  • Includes 401k Alert, Global Trends Tactical ETF, Sustainable Growth Investing and Retirement Life Growth & Income Memberships
  • Kirk’s famous “Retirement Income Options” portfolio strategy utilizes professional "option selling" techniques for building positions and generating income for a risk managed total return.
  • You will receive weekly "covered call" and "cash-secured put" ideas and discussion.
  • Full Access To Investor Forum and Chat included
  • RIO seeks to add regular income to your portfolio and grow assets for late retirement, as well as, inheritance.
  • R.A.R.E

    R.A.R.E - “Risk Adjusted Returns Elite”

  • Access to the entire site and membership in every program.
  • R.A.R.E. adds Swing Trading, Short Ideas and Hedging Strategies to take advantage of volatile markets.
  • Uses Quant and Technical Analysis to manage risk.
  • Scanning our hundreds of covered ETFs and stocks to find unique opportunities.
  • Puts fundamentals on our side which creates more opportunities for catalysts.
  • Full Access To Investor Forum and Chat Included.
  • Free Library Card

    Library Card

    Membership Free For Life
  • You will gain access to Kirk's Quarterly Outlook & Gameplan normally reserved for paying members.
  • You will also get access to our periodic special reports which have garnered international attention, such as the running updates to Kirk Spano's "Peak Oil Plateau" coverage and "Faster Than You Think - The Transition To A Sustainable World."
  • Finally, we will give you access to at least one piece of paid members-only research each month. Use that research to see what we could do for you.