401k Alert

“401k Alert” is an asset allocation, fund selection and risk management alert system for your 401(k) plan at work. 


Most 401(k) retirement plans at work come with canned advice to manage what is likely your largest investment portfolio during your working years.

The advice that plan administrators and custodians provide is generally static in nature. That is, they give you a pie chart of funds, based on your age, of how to invest.

The problem with that sort of investing is that it does not take into account the ebbs and flows in the markets. While day-trading is almost impossible to do and not allowed in retirement plans anyway, tactical asset allocation changes made a handful of times per year have proven to be very effective.

401k Alert solves for the problem of knowing when to make a change to your asset allocation in your retirement plan.

A handful of times per year, 401k Alert will post suggested changes to your asset allocation to consider. We will also send you a 401k Alert Email to notify you that we have posted asset allocation updates. 

Our 401k asset allocation ideas are made based upon investor risk tolerance and goals. We break the asset allocations down for three types of investors:

  • Long-term Growth Investors
  • Balanced Moderate Investor
  • Conservative Pre-Retirement Investors

We help you build a retirement plan asset allocation by mapping investment categories to the funds in your plan. These maps outline which funds to use for various investment categories, for example, large cap growth or small cap value…

See our page “Company 401k Fund Maps” to see if we have your company listed. If we do not, please contact us, and we will build a fund map for your company’s 401k plan.

401k Alert includes fund maps for those with most popular 401k retirement plans by plan provider.  Included are plans built around or by:

  • Fidelity
  • Vanguard
  • Prudential
  • T.Rowe Price
  • Charles Schwab
  • TIAA

We also have a page dedicated to the U.S. Government Thrift Savings Plan or TSP for government employees.

To get full access to our 401k retirement plan resources, updated fund maps and alerts by email, please subscribe for only $99 per year.