Global Trends ETF

Global Trends ETF is an opportunistic low cost way to use tactical asset allocation to find opportunity and control risk through diversification. This ETF strategy can be used as a whole portfolio or as the core to build a stock portfolio around…


Asset allocation is proven to be the core to long-term portfolio volatility. Systematically putting the odds on your side can go a long way to reducing risk and improving long-term results.

There are several key factors that will put the odds on your side. Among them are:

  • Long-term economic trends.
  • Demographics.
  • Regulatory.
  • Currency.
  • Sector or national financial strength.
  • Favorable asset price trending from a value price.

The Global Trends ETF portfolio uses a strategic core for diversification surrounded by tactical positions seeking greater returns. Research proves that avoiding the worst sectors and regions of the global economy can improve returns by up to 80% (Zacks Research).

Included for free with this service is our 401k Alert for those with work based retirement plans.

Global Trends ETF is priced at $299 per year which is a bargain as it can be used for your entire portfolio if you wish. Many choose to begin building a stock portfolio around this as their balances grow.

You can also try us on for size for only $100 per quarter and upgrade to annual with the full annual discount when you are ready.