Intelligent Investors

Intelligent Investors is our “almost everything” service for long-term investors looking for asset allocation and stock selection guidance to beat the markets with below market level risk. If you are an Intelligent Investor looking for a margin of safety and long-term gains, this is the service for you…


This service is designed to make you a more complete investor.

We cover a full range of tactical asset allocation ideas for finding value and growth globally. Our asset allocation strategies can be the core of your portfolio.

We also have a defined philosophy for investment selection. Our number one belief is that managing risk is the first step to better returns. By applying a 4-step process, we are able to manage risk against headwinds and find opportunities with long-term tailwinds.

Intelligent Investor includes content from 4 of our other services:

  • 401k Alert
  • ETF Global Tactical
  • Sustainable Growth Investing
  • Retirement Life Growth & Income

You will also receive model asset allocations and ideas of how to implement an investment plan that suits you, i.e. many people choose a conservative ETF asset allocation and build a stock portfolio around it.

We will teach you how to use simple option strategies to reduce your risk, increase your income and give you significant upside following stock market corrections.

You are also entitled to 75% discounts for investment planning consultations with Kirk Spano via Bluemound Asset Management, LLC. Those services are typically $200 per hour and are yours for only $50 per hour.

The Intelligent Investor service is priced at only $499 per year.

You can also try us on for size for only $179 per quarter and upgrade to annual with the full annual discount when you are ready.