“Risk Adjusted Returns Elite” is R.A.R.E. This service includes everything on Fundamental Trends, plus a robust Swing Trading service for aggressive investors, that will help you compound your money. Investors should bring at least a cursory knowledge of technical analysis and options trading to build upon…


The core difference between R.A.R.E and Intelligent Investor is that R.A.R.E includes swing trading for the aggressive sleeve of your portfolio.

You will receive everything that the other services on Fundamental Trends offers:

  • 401k Alert
  • ETF Global Tactical
  • Sustainable Growth Investing
  • Retirement Life Growth & Income

In addition, I offer 2 or 3 trades per month that I am working on, which I feel can yield doubles or triples in a 2-6 month time frame. There is no point shooting for anything less than a double in my opinion (see the math below).

Of course, we know that about half of our trades will not work out the way we want. Superstar traders only make money on about 60% of their trades. So, how are they superstars?

Great traders don’t hit for a super high average. What they do is get a lot of extra base hits, while minimizing their strikeouts. Averaging 50% gains on 50% of your trades, to go along with 30% losses on the other 50%, is still generating gains of 20%. We aim for bigger gains, while cutting our losses without emotional strings.

We use smart position sizing and scaling strategies to build long and short call or put positions for our specific goals. By scaling in, we can scale out to capture profits.

By selling losers early, we can live to fight another day. By adding onto winners that are running (pyramiding) we can build on our profits before scaling out.

We always remember to “trade the edges” not the middle of the market. Money flow and other indicators of overbought and oversold are core technical analysis to us.

The R.A.R.E. chat room allows you to talk to other traders and work on ideas together. This sort of collaboration will help you examine your ideas in a friendly, but critical way, to help you maintain a margin of safety.

R.A.R.E. is a unique opportunity to combine all the fundamental analysis of Fundamental Trends with technical analysis for traders.

We will shut the doors at about 500 traders to protect the integrity of our trades. 

R.A.R.E. is priced at only $999 per year.

You can also try us on for size for only $349 per quarter and upgrade to annual with the full annual discount when you are ready.