Retirement Life Growth & Income

Retirement Life Growth & Income is designed for retirees and near retirees who are looking to manage risk, beat inflation and generate income via total return. We focus on companies with sustainable competitive advantages that pay dividends or are likely to engage in strategic transactions (spin-offs, buyouts, special dividends, etc…)


This service is specifically designed for those who want equity-like total returns, but without speculative risk.

We accomplish generating equity returns by:

  • using asset allocation that attempts to reduce exposure to the most vulnerable sectors of the economy – this is vital and often overlooked by many advisors, pundits and investment letters.
  • selecting companies to invest in that have durable competitive advantages similar to how described by Warren Buffett.
  • seeking stocks that have a history of paying dividends and engaging in share buybacks.
  • using option selling, both cash-secured puts and covered calls, to generate portfolio income and risk manage our positions.

Retirement Life Growth & Income includes a free membership to both 401k Alert and ETF Global Tactical services. Both services focus on asset allocation as a core component successful investing as proven by multiple studies and personal experience.

As part of the service, you will receive two model asset allocations:

  • Retirement Dividend Income & Growth – which is a equity dividend portfolio from which you can select stocks for your asset allocation.
  • Retirement Income Options – which is a growth and income portfolio that offers option selling strategies for building positions, trimming positions, managing risk and generating additional income.

We have two lists of highly screened and researched stocks:

  • Dividend Growth
  • Low Volatility Dividend

You are also entitled to 50% discounts for investment and financial planning consultations with Kirk Spano via Bluemound Asset Management, LLC. Those services are typically $200 per hour and are yours for only $50 per hour.

Retirement Life Growth & Income is priced at only $399 per year.

You can also try us on for size for only $150 per quarter and upgrade to annual with the full annual discount when you are ready.