Shooter’s Swing Trading Notes

A weekly piece by Scott “Shooter” Henderson of several top ideas for traders and investors. These trades can be used two ways:

  • To “buy the dips” for entry into longer-term position trades that were featured in the “Plug & Play” quarterly updates, i.e. a second chance to enter a position that you missed earlier.
  • A wider universe of long swing trading positions from anywhere on the VSL and ETFavorites for the short-term cycle, lasting several days to a couple months. These swing trades can compliment a core positions or be taken on their own.

If you are swing trading, please make sure to check into the chat room frequently for alerts and updates on entries and exits.

Buy Continuation

CC Chemours Co. Working @ $36 Buy $32.48

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Buy $13.32 Working @14.35

Caesars Entertainment Corp Buy $99.11 Working @ $102.80

iShs MSCI Canada ETF Working @ $37.63 Buy $36.52

Sociedad Quimica Y Minera ADS Working @ $48.23 Raise Stop $41.19 Buy $40.50

ACTDu ArcLight Clean Transition II Units Flat / Kind of Working @ $10.10 Buy $9.99

FCX Working @ $37.13 Raised Stop $34.07 Buy $34.07

IHT Flat Buy $6.06

CF CF Industries Hldgs Inc Flat but Working @ $51.59 Buy $51.33

Buy The Dips

Applied Materials Buy Any Dips to $110.50 (solid tape, the $110 is an Alt count. I added a piece @ $130)

Materials Engineering Solutions: Semiconductors, flat displays, photovoltaic.

ILMN Buy Any Dip to $413

UBER Buy Any Dip $47.75

VICI Buy Any Dip To $28.83

ALB Buy Any Dip To $123.05

XLF Buy Any Dip To $34.42

EDIT Editas Medicine Inc Buy $46.33 / Buy Any Dips To $31.35

Cover / Trim / Raise Stop

Calix Inc. Cover / Trim $53ish

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