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Chart & Notebook Plug & Play Dividend Stocks Q1 2021

Quick Thoughts and charts on our 5 core holdings and 20 dividend stocks, including 6 top REITS, for Q1 2021. Our research shows these stocks can all double to triple in the next several years and carry below average risk. Members only. Pick a stock membership today if you are not a member.

Quick Thoughts On Apple & 5G

Apple is one of the best companies in the world, but its stock is expensive against next year’s analyst earnings. A pullback is likely. 5G is causing a massive new buying cycle of smartphones though. What’s next for Apple? I think we know. (Members Only. Become a member to read this piece of analysis. Use code RARE50 to get RARE half price forever).

2 Dividend Stocks For An Overvalued Market

Summary The stock market is in a 3rd standard deviation of being overvalued.Low interest rates are a justification for some of the historic overvaluation.Federal Reserve produced excess liquidity is not infinite, but it is sufficient to fuel the rally for now – any pullback in excess liquidity would be met […]

12 Must Own Large Cap Stocks

Gaining the benefits of diversification starts with a core portfolio. We generally start with ETFs and move onto adding blue chip stocks before adding small and mid cap. These 12 blue chip companies have proven to be sustainable growers and in several cases dividend growers.

Top 10 Dividend Stocks

Dividend growth and low volatility dividend investing are core ingredients to a healthy retirement. Here are the ten stocks that best capture dividend growth and low volatility characteristics to build your portfolio around, along with our, 12 “must own” stocks.

Top 10 Growth Stocks

Here are our Top 10 Growth Stocks for 2020-21. The Coronavirus Covad-19 stock market correction could be a great time to buy these great businesses. See our Bottom Fishing prices, as well as, current support levels.

Dividend Collector Quick Thoughts

Retirement Life Growth & Income uses a base ETF allocation and dividend stocks to generate a total return for retirement living. This strategy is meant to be used for an entire portfolio. Our mission with RLGI is to provide equity like total return with less risk than the stock market as a whole.

Texas Instruments Excellence

Texas Instruments (TXN) is on our Dividend Growth 30 very short list. Texas Instruments Incorporated (TXN), also known as “TI,” is a straight-forward, cut-to-the-chase operation, so I’ll keep this simple: TI is one of my core technology positions because their effective management team consistently executes a successful business model. Without […]