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Investment Quick Thoughts: LUMN, SMID Caps, IWM, QQQJ

We have been accumulating Lumen for nearly 2 years while collecting dividends and lowering our cost basis. It is about to act on the M&A I have said they would from day 1. This could unleash a ton of value, including a double or potential triple in the stock price the next few years. I also cover why and where to find small and midcaps that will replace zombies in the S&P 500 someday. Available to Sustainable Growth or higher membership.

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Ford SWOT Report

Ford made the exact announcement that I said 6 months ago that they would make by spring. They are moving to be 100% EV by 2030 and 100% EV and hybrid by 2026. How did I know the exact announcement? Deep research and analysis. I did the work. And now, we are already up double on our Ford investment. We expect much, much more. Think Tesla like returns. Available to members of Sustainable Growth or higher membership.