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Selling Covered Calls & Cash Secured Puts

Summary Option selling is a professional technique for adding income and mitigating risk by selling options to speculators and those who need insurance on long positions. The rules for selling options are very aligned with our rules for buying and selling stocks. Look to sell COVERED CALLS when stocks or […]

Option Selling Weekly 12/22/2020

Options selling is great for people with six and seven figure IRA balances or non-qualified accounts looking to generate additional income. Broadly speaking, professionals generally sell options to the speculative public. You are taking the “house” side by being an option seller rather than a buyer. Before you get started, […]

Option Selling Weekly 11/17/2020

Summary There are very few oversold or undervalued stocks to sell cash-secured puts on.There are many overbought and overvalued stocks to sell covered calls on.Duration and strike prices are up to you as you know your asset allocation, risk tolerance and cost basis.In general, sell a lot of January covered […]

Options Ideas 9/14/2020

This article should be used in conjunction with the Stocks of the Week article for the same date. Option Opportunities Selling cash-secured puts on any of the stocks in the “Stocks You Can Buy” section is always a possibility. High volatility to the downside, presuming our thesis isn’t broken is […]

Stocks Of The Week 8/17/20

Stocks of the week quick thoughts. Get the concise lowdown on 5-10 stocks each weeks that are or could become attractive soon. Members only. To sign up to become a member, do so now for your first year at half price.

Option Selling Ideas 8-10-2020

Each Monday I put out lists of covered calls and cash-secured puts using multiple screens based on our watchlists. Must be a member to view. Generate 4-8% added income per year while lowering your risk. New members sign-up for half price your first year.

Options Ideas 8-3-2020

Our weekly options hot lists featuring over 200 potential option trades along with our curated “stand out ideas”. Become a Sustainable Growth, Retirement Income Options or RARE member to get this powerful return enhancing cheat sheet.

Option Selling Ideas – 7/20/20

Summary Covered call spreadsheet.Cash-secured put spreadsheet.Ask questions in comments and at MoSI Option Selling chat. Each Monday I put out lists of covered calls and cash-secured puts using screens at BarCharts. I am screening for VSL stocks, as well as, an expanded universe of stocks that used to be on […]