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RARE Relaunch

“Risk Adjusted Returns Elite” – RARE – includes everything on Fundamental Trends, plus a robust Swing Trading service that includes hedging and short ideas, and Kirk’s highly sought after microcap and smallcap research that has averaged a 10 bagger per year for over 2 decades (sometimes there’s zero and we […]

Limited Time Discounts

Global Trends ETF

In recent years, ETFs – or Exchange Traded Funds – have become the standard for effective low cost investing supplanting mutual funds. Global Trends ETF investment service is the service for small and large investors alike who want to use ETFS. Global Trends ETF is run by veteran ETF investor […]

DIY Investing

RARE Investing

Our “all-in-one” service that includes all access to every investment idea on the site. Also features our weekly “Swinging For The Fences” swing trading ideas, plus Kirk’s highly sought after small cap stock picks that have turned out over 20 ten-baggers. Read More