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Weekend Trending

Today we expanded our discussion a bit to include different ideas of liquidity and market impact. Discussed several stocks, how I think of them, what the market is missing and why I’m buying. Briefly discussed the coming acceleration in the changes in the energy system. We will discuss SPACs and what to look for as an investor on Monday’s stock call. We will discuss the energy transition and investment opportunities with a new working paper next Friday. Free Library Card for access.

DIY Investing

Sustainable Growth Investing

Investing in the sustainable “smart everything” world. All things innovation and high growth. This is where we are finding our 10 Baggers!
– Technology: Fintech, Biotech, AI, Cloud, IoT, 5G, Space…
– Clean Energy & Sustainability
– The expansion of cryptos and NFTs.
– Consumers & Entertainment
– Mid Caps & Small Caps
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Global Trends ETF

Plug & Play ETF Portfolio Models Q3 2020

Summary Read “Using The Plug & Play Portfolio Models” before you do any buying or selling.First off are cash levels appropriate for different investor mindsets.Plug & Play Portfolio Models. My “Plug & Play Portfolio Models” present investment ideas from our “Very Short Lists” that are near buy zones as of the first […]

Sustainable Growth

Quick Thoughts: Enphase

Summary Enphase operates in a duopoly with Solar Edge in the solar microinverters space.Enphase is expanding into energy management which is a natural flow.I believe this stock will reach $200 per share by the middle 2020s. It currently trades around $50.If you are a growth investor, you should look to […]

Sustainable Growth

The Solar Stock Utilities Love And An Oil Company Might Buy

Solar has a growth rate over 20% per year and will likely see a phase of 30% growth soon. There are a few leaders in utility scale solar that should be on your radar as a core holding. The oil majors are likely to expand into solar given their land holdings and stated desire to become “stewards of the environment” (cough, I know, sort of funny, but not in a “ha-ha” way).