Theresa’s Chat Magazine – Bitcoin, Enphase, Occidental, And Ford


  • Acquiring Bitcoin through dollar cost averaging and directly purchasing GBTC or ARKW.
  • Enphase is closing in on our price range.
  • Some things to do while we wait for JPowell to smile again.

I reproduced below some of this past week’s discussions in the Margin of Safety chat along with links to some interesting articles:

Musings about acquiring and owning Bitcoin

Theresa May Oct 23

I sure like how this daily Bitcoin futures chart shows a clear pathway for price to reach 38,000 without too many hiccups. Last week I followed Kirk’s advice and bought more GBTC and ARKW.

Shepferg2 Oct 24

I own a bitcoin and a half. I was going to top off for 2 coins, when it was under 30K, and then the false report came out and made the price silly. I do think I’ll be adding, but might go the route of either ARKW or GBTC, which I think will lag a little more. BTC itself is really volatile, so I would be tempted to let it glide down closer to 30K before adding.

Theresa May Oct 24

I still think that Kirk has the best strategy for buying bitcoin itself, dollar cost average in over time. That’s what I’ve been doing. But I have been a bit more strategic in how I’ve purchased GBTC.

Shepferg2 Oct 24

I don’t disagree, but I have a decent amount of BTC – much of it bought under $20k – and it doesn’t feel like I have to jump in. If I buy another half coin, it will be below $30k. If I just let it ride, I’m okay with that, too.

Theresa May Oct 24

I acquired the bitcoin I have through dollar cost averaging, but at this point I don’t plan to buy more. And I don’t write that because I think price is peaking. Rather, I have about as much of it as I want to hold right now.

Discussion about whether it’s time to buy Enphase (ENPH)

Ken Schaefle Oct 27

Any thoughts on Enphase after that big dump?

Theresa May Oct 27

I drew this chart awhile ago. I’ve been waiting for ENPH to get down to around the mid-70s.

Kirk Spano Oct 27

so, a couple years ago, I said the easy money in ENPH was made when it reached $70s. It went way higher on Covid rally by Millennial Reddit crowd, so, that made me dumb. Here we are closing in on that price range again. Let’s see if it overshoots. People have no patience. They might beat it into oblivion now with no thought about a few years out.

Waiting for JPow to smile while buying Occidental (OXY) and Ford (F)

Kirk Spano Oct 35/27

Stocks will get beat up til Jerome Powell turns that frown, upside down. Make a list, check it thrice, buy up the stocks when JPow acts nice.

All-sell $60 Jan puts too, but buy a position in OXY. Safest oil, gas & carbon play in America. Berkshire owns so much will rally to $90+ eventually. See Exxon & Chevron deals.

I’m also bringing my Ford (F) position up to a full position from a half position. Finally. The sell-off is dumb. 5% dividend, tough to ignore while we wait for market to get liquid and happy again. Short term fear masking long term realization of 4IR future and real estate flexibility that is not priced in by one cent yet.

Links to some articles posted to the chat this past week

Rocket Lab – Rocket Lab Integrating Twin Spacecraft for Mission to Mars for NASA

3 Reasons to Buy Small Cap Stocks – MAPsignals

‘Clean hydrogen is the most economic decarbonisation option for Japan ­- but how can we import it?’

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