Theresa’s Chat Magazine – Enovix, Ford, and Sunrun

Threads re-produced from the chat:

Plenty to like about Enovix (ENVX)

Kirk Spano Sep 30

I think Enovix might get a contract with Ford. Just a hunch. I don’t think Ford pausing the CATL factory is just a labor thing. Enovix is making big progress on the car batteries. Might be safer and offer ranges of 500 miles+.

Shepferg2 Oct 2

That would be an amazing development. I don’t think EV batteries are baked into the stock price at all, yet. On the way, for sure, but not baked in. That would frontload a whole new market and put the shorts in a crushing squeeze the minute it got out. Oh how I love the way you think, Kirk!

Kirk Spano Oct 2

if their battery is safer than current batteries and 30% more efficient, how can they not get a U.S. plant with GM or F backing?

Shepferg2 Oct 2

I agree! They have just been focused on the wearable market first, but the new team is moving the ball fast and this could be the next thing, for sure!

Sunrun (RUN) and Ford (F)


Kirk Spano Oct 2

I think this [Sunrun] will become a big deal soon for both companies. Remember I’ve talked about car dealers selling solar too in the future.

WayBehind Oct 3

They need to do something about their truck pricing, avg price for EV truck is $20k higher than non EV

Kirk Spano Oct 2

technology fixes prices always, just a matter of time 2026-7 is the time frame I’ve been hammering since 2020

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