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  • SPIR has shown recent strength, prompting discussion on whether to sell covered calls.
  • Is the 2 year bear market for micro, small, and mid-caps over yet?

Is it time to sell covered calls on Spire Global?

nbabb Dec 12

Spire Global (SPIR) has been showing some strength lately.

Lewis Flores Dec 13

With weekly RSI getting close to the over bought, would this be a good time to write covered calls? Or, Since its a small cap with great potential, is it better to just hold?

Theresa May Dec 13

Personally, I’m not writing any covered calls on SPIR. The options market is pretty thin and I have no reason to trim it.

nbabb Dec 13

I think we’re in early innings with SPIR. It’s on the verge of profitability.

The reverse split reduced the float, which I think is probably a good thing for upward momentum?

Some talk about general market conditions

Kirk Spano Dec 13

there’s been a 2 year bear market in micro and small caps, and really mid caps too. That’s a function of a tight Fed, not necessarily the companies. The weakest most financing dependent companies are getting flushed completely. The better companies hand on the side of the bowl and wait for the water to rise again. The stock market is for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.

Bank of America reported that household cash/money market balances are the highest ever.

Yet, they’ve pulled 240 billion out of stocks. What happens when money market rates drop a point or two?

Shepferg2 Dec 13

I’ve been thinking same. The market is getting close to “even” again, but the environment isn’t supportive of stocks. When that shifts, we should see a big swing in the right direction. Even so, a number of small caps are doing surprisingly well in this environment – or we bought at lows.

Brian Steege 1964 Dec 13

For me, this is probably the most challenging time to invest. As a newish “more active” investor, the meteoric rise in some of our stocks makes me a bit cautious to add more, in say a SQ or a RUN. I’ve had FITB as well recently…. Letting winners run is good. But more good news and more info seem to point to a continuing melt-up for our small caps. Any thoughts on how to handle the good times?

Kirk Spano Dec 13

Enjoy the holidays and check back in a month

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